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Self-Study Programs:

 Healthier Habits Foundation Program

If you are ready to RECLAIM your right to live healthier and happier, without totally disrupting your current routine, this program is for you!

  • You’ll focus on small daily actions, so you’ll always treat your health as a priority
  • You’ll deal with the occasional self-doubt and the lapses in behavior, so you’ll always be able to pick yourself up, and move forward again
  • You’ll feel the pride of knowing that you’ve taken care of your health each and every day, so you’ll keep taking action to continue feeling that sense of self-pride
  • You’ll confidently state what you need regarding time for exercising, meal prep, or relationship development, so you’ll never neglect your own well-being again
  • You’ll practice habits that you determine are a good fit for your goals and your life, so you’ll choose to keep them as part of your daily routine

You will unleash Your Super Power!

Includes unlimited e-mail coaching support (Monday thru Friday) for 90 days.

Investment in yourself: $147

Learn more here ==> Healthier Habits Foundation program

Ongoing Holistic Wellness Program:

Walk with Me communityIf you have tried to start a walking program, but struggled to remain faithful to it, join my Walk with Me community.

We use a Success Path, scavenger hunts, and mindset training to keep you taking healthy steps into your future.

Walk with Me encourages members to take physical walks on their spiritual journey.

Learn more: Walk with Me

Investment in yourself: $30 per month

One-on-One Coaching

I enjoy assisting clients as they transform from mostly satisfied with their lives, to really enjoying the smaller things that bring them so much joy. For each of us, that is different. But it all starts by allowing (yes, allowing), those joy-filled activities in your life. And to do that, you need to cut out some of the less meaningful activities.

In this video, I share why I think it’s so critical to focus on your daily habits in order to make the changes you want in your life.

And here, I share with you three reasons why you SHOULD take advantage of one. 🙂

And here I share with you three reasons why you probably are NOT going to take advantage of a free discovery call with me. 🙂

Be brave. Be bold.

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