Guided by the Cards

Donna Doyon - Guided by the cards

1:1 or Group Coaching Options

If the circumstances of your life (including your weight or perception of your weight) are keeping you from pursuing your heart's calling...

Perhaps it's time to try a non-traditional approach to weight loss... one that focuses on quality of life, instead of quantity of calories.

Using oracle cards as a basis for this program, you'll begin to ditch the heavy expectations that weigh you down with pressure, stress, and resistance AND you'll begin to release the stressors that have you reaching for your favorite comfort foods.

This program is a unique opportunity for people whose everyday commitments make traditional coaching sessions impractical. 

We'll use the Marco Polo video chat app to connect. *NOTE: You are responsible for installing the Marco Polo app on your mobile device (be sure to read the terms and conditions). You will also be responsible for any data charges incurred by using this app. 

You'll receive weekly oracle card readings that will affirm your direction, offer fresh perspectives, or even give you a gentle kick in the butt. Those readings will serve as a starting point for our chats over the course of the week and beyond. Our goal each week is to help you leave shame, blame, doubt, and fear behind, so you step into a more confident and capable state of being...

A state of BEing that allows you to make enough healthier food choices, that the numbers on the scale will reflect your newly found focus: your life!

Donna Doyon - Guided by the Cards

5 Reasons 

Why Asynchronous* Coaching Sessions May be a Good Fit for YOU!

* Asynchronous means occurring at different times. 

  • It provides flexibility of time. You'll watch my card readings & messages at a time that is convenient for you--day or night! If you arrive 5-minutes early for an appointment? Watch a card reading. If you're on a quick break at work? Watch a message. IT'S FLEXIBLE!
  • It provides time to reflect on the message from the cards. Sometimes we can quickly jump to a conclusion about what a card might mean. Having time to sit with the message for a bit, allows the subtle nuances of the message to reach your conscious mind. IT'S INSIGHTFUL!
  • It provides time to replay a message a 2nd or 3rd time. Didn't understand what I meant? Rewatch the video. Had an ah-ha moment and want to recapture it? Rewatch the video. Marco Polo videos are stored on their cloud until deleted. So you can go back to watch past messages/replies.
  • It provides time to process your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts create your feelings, which direct your actions, which lead to your results. If you want to make changes in your life, you must follow the bread crumbs back to the thoughts that brought you to your current circumstances. IT'S EYE-OPENING!
  • It provides time to prepare your response. Marco Polo responses should be no longer than 6-8 minutes. This time limit (yes, it's flexible) will help you gain clarity on what you want to ask or say. Jot down a couple notes about situations, examples, or fears you have around the topic. And yes, you can shoot off a 2nd or 3rd Marco Polo, if you forgot something you wanted to say. There is no 45-minute session limit*. IT'S EFFICIENT!


Your life is about to change! I hope you are as excited as I am. 

Let me caution you though...and we'll talk about this as we start working together...

We don't want your brain to get all freaked out by these changes. (If you haven't been listening to my podcast, you may  not realize how critical this is to your success).

Our goal is NOT to disrupt your life. Instead our goal is to make small changes, that over time, will provide big changes.

Sooo... how much weight will I lose?

How much weight you lose will depend 100 percent on you. 

And don't worry... you can totally do this! Even if you've lost weight and regained it multiple times in the past.

Here's the thing... you probably didn't know much about how your brain works AND how it impacts your relationship with food and eating. (Yes, I consider them two different things.)

Instead of focusing on food and eating, you'll be focusing on the life you want to live AT a healthier weight.

Doctors recommend losing no more than 1-2 pounds per week. With this program, your weight loss may be a bit less than that.

But it's okay... 

Focus on the long game... living the rest of your life at a healthier weight. Living the rest of your life not being afraid of certain "trigger" foods or social gatherings (including holidays).

How much weight will you lose? All of it, if you practice what you learn AND give yourself the gift of time. 

Is this going to be hard?

Hard? Maybe... if you expect it to be hard, it will be hard.

If you expect it to be challenging, yet totally doable, it will be challenging, yet totally doable.

The Law of Attraction will give you what you want.

I'll be helping you approach weight loss with love, compassion, and joy in your heart. 

If you are willing to look at and release your old stories about your weight and about losing weight... it will be a lot easier. :-) 

And what exactly do I get?

Each week, you'll get at least one oracle card reading with guidance on your wellness and/or weight loss journey. 

You can watch that video, process the message, and respond via the Marco Polo app your thoughts, questions, or ah-ha moments.

Within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays, I'll send you a Marco Polo response that may or may not include another oracle card reading.

I'll also share what I know about how your brain may be working for/against your goals; general self-development concepts; and some fun woo to keep this journey magical and fun.

You are driving this magical mystery tour bus (or are we on a yellow submarine?). The more you respond to my messages, the more you'll hear from me.

But at a minimum, you'll receive the weekly oracle reading.

More or less contact with me... is all up to you.

Do I need to schedule an appointment with you?

Nope! That's what makes this coaching program so unique for busy individuals like you! 

We don't have to find a time that works for both of us to meet.

I'll record messages to you when it's convenient for me... when I can be thoughtful and reflective of the message you need to hear from the Universe.

You'll watch at a time that is convenient for you. No need to feel rushed or pressured to reply immediately. 

Once you reply, I'll respond to your questions or comments with helpful (at least I hope it's helpful) information on how your brain is responding to your situation (without you being aware of it); general self-development concepts; and a bit a woo to keep your journey fun!

But, I don't have or know how to use the Marco Polo app.

Give Marco Polo a try before you buy! 

Give Marco Polo a try before you buy! 

Download the app on your mobile device (from the IOS App Store or Android Google Play). Be sure to read their Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Then visit the group I created so you can play with Marco Polo group. 

Can I do this without the Marco Polo App?

No. The Marco Polo app is how I conduct these coaching sessions (along with supplemental email and/or text messages).

Do you guarantee weight loss results?

No. There are too many factors that impact your weight loss results.


You will find the greatest success if you focus on the quality of your life and not the quantity of pounds.

If your current weight (or your perception of your weight) prevents you from doing things you love to do or are interested in doing, I want to help you start doing those things today. 

Instead of thinking, "When I've lost xx pounds, I will..."

I encourage you to start thinking, "Even though my current weight makes this more difficult or a bit uncomfortable, I am going to..."

Choose your package:

1-month of GROUP* Life Coaching (Wellness & Weight Loss focus) - $97

     * Maximum group size is 10

     * Participants are NOT required to comment/respond to other participants questions/comments

     * I respond to all comments/questions within 24-hours (excluding weekends/holidays)

1-month of PRIVATE Life Coaching (Wellness & Weight Loss focus) - $297

     * I respond to all comments/questions within 24-hours (excluding weekends/holidays)

3-months of PRIVATE Life Coaching (Wellness & Weight Loss focus) - $797

     * I respond to all comments/questions within 24-hours (excluding weekends/holidays)

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