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Jan 31

Ep006: Dealing with Difficult People (when they are really only different)

Many years ago I attended a professional speaking course called CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speakers Services). Marita Littauer and her mother, Florence Littauer, led the training. Both were vibrant, high energy, polished professional speakers and wonderful teachers. One of the training sessions of this multi-day training class was based on their signature “Personalities” presentations. […]

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Jan 17

Ep004: Taking Advantage of the Pre-Retirement Years

In today’s episode I talk about things we can do to prepare ourselves for retirement. If you, like me, have noticed that January 2017 is already half over, you probably also noticed that 2016 went by like a flash. It’s crazy how quickly time passes. The older I get, the faster time passes. That means […]

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Jan 12

Ep003 – It’s a Wonderful Life

The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring Jimmy Stewart is a Christmas classic. In this episode I share thoughts on the movie and how each one of us is living a wonderful life. You never know how or when you are impacting someone’s life in a dramatic way. Resources mentioned in this episode: It’s a […]

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Jan 11

Ep002 – A Formula for Success

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to do amazing things and other people can’t seem to get out of their own way? If you find it difficult to make changes in your life, today’s episode is going to help you find your way.

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Jan 10

Ep001: Inner Voices

In this first episode I share a few thoughts about dealing with the negative voices that prevent us from being who we were destined to be. I also offer tips on strengthening your positive inner voice. These voices impact all areas of your life: your health and fitness, financial status, relationships and personal development. Developing […]

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Jan 10

Ep000: My Inaugural Episode

Confession time… I am writing this entry at 6:42 p.m. on January 10, 2017. I am going to post this entry to show a publish date of 04:59 a.m. I am going to do this so future visitors to my website will be able to listen to my podcast episodes in the proper order. Why […]

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Dec 27

Bridging the Gap

Are you who you want to be? Are there dreams you have yet to fulfill? Are there characteristics about yourself that you’d like to change? Are you happy with the person you are? If you are not quite the person you imagined yourself to be at this point in your life, I want to assure […]

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Dec 22

Yikes! What was I thinking?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We are all crazy busy (and hopefully productive) with the holidays and end-of-year activities at our jobs. We are spending more time with family and friends–a good thing, for sure–but also time consuming. And I picked THIS time of year to launch a brand new podcast! Yikes! […]

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