Summary: You don’t need anyone to give you permission to do what your Heart calls you to do. You don’t need anyone to validate your inspired ideas before taking action on them (in fact, I encourage students to take action long before they tell anyone). You only need a strong sense of self and a bit of courage to be an amazing light-working, leader of change.

Does this sound like a familiar story?

“I have this crazy idea. I’m thinking about taking a Reiki class,” a woman said.

“What’s to think about?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not sure if I’ll be any good at it.”

“How will you know unless you learn how to do it?”

“I know. But I hate to spend $150 on a class that I might not like.”

“How will you know if you like it unless you take a class?”

“I know. But I talked to my sister about it. She said it sounds like a scam. I don’t know if Reiki works. I’ve never even had it done on me.”

“I’m confused. Why do you consider spending $150 on a class for something you know so little about?”

“I don’t know. I just think it would be interesting.

Ahhhh… and that’s the point this woman, most of my clients, and I eventually reach.

We don’t know why we want to do something, we just do. 

In my opinion, that is good enough!

Permission or Validation

One of the problems I see in our world is that people make too many decisions from the safety and security-focused reptilian part of their brain. They look for permission and validation from the people around them so they don’t stray too far from the norm. Straying from the norm puts them at risk. Or it would have a gazillion years ago.

But in these advanced times, seeking permission or validation to take action on Heart-Inspired ideas only keeps us small and contained in the comfort of sameness.

Burying the Magic

When we have to explain WHY we want to do something, the magic gets buried beneath the logic (or lack of logic). 

When we have to justify the time or money to do something, the practical uses for that time or money quickly overwhelm the unknown possibilities of the activity.

When we have to convince someone that our needs deserve to be considered, too, we tend to acquiesce to the wants of others and move our needs to the bottom of the list because while we see the value in their wants, they don’t see the value in our needs.

The problem is...

Your Soul signed you up to help transform the world. You are here to facilitate change by leading, teaching, healing, and guiding people on their enlightenment path. 

And most of the people in your life won’t give you permission to be the leader you came here to be. They won’t validate the ideas and teachings you know will alleviate the pain and suffering caused by division. Most of the people in your life want you to be the same person they think you have always been.

They don't really know you

But they don’t really know you, do they?

They don’t know your Heart whispers to you the truths about Collective Consciousness, the healing power of the mind, and the energetic frequencies of all things. 

They don’t know you are here to heal the harmonic imbalance between masculine and feminine energies. 

They don’t know that you don’t need their permission or validation to step into the leadership role you came here to fill.

The Solution…

What you do need is a stronger sense of self so you stop seeking permission and validation. You also need a wee bit of courage. Both live within you and are ready to grow as soon as YOU give yourself permission to step out with them into the world.

The time is now. It’s your choice. 

Are you going to honor your Soul’s Contract to be a quiet leader in this lifetime or will you wait for the next one? 

If you don’t yet have a strong sense of self or you feel like you are lacking in the courage department, know that you aren’t alone AND that help is available.

Like you, my Soul volunteered to assist people on their awakening journey. My role is to help intuitive introverts who feel unseen, unheard, and unrecognized, step with confidence and light into the leadership role they came here to fill.

What role did your Soul volunteer you to fill?

About the Author

Donna Doyon

Donna Doyon is a leadership mentor to intuitive introverts who have been called to teach, heal, and guide others on the path of spiritual awakening, without totally disrupting their lives.