Meet the Heart’s Calling Specialist

Breaking Free from Patterns of Self-Limiting Thinking with Nomadic Spiritual Coach Donna Doyon

Helping Everyday People Become Their Favorite Version of Themselves

TURNER, ME—There are all types of social and economic constructs that can stand in the way of one’s calling—the fear of failure, the pressures of meeting others’ expectations, and even the financial security of a nine-to-five job. For people who are in the early stages of spiritual awakening, curious about discovering new gifts, and looking to trust their intuition, these and other roadblocks often keep them trapped in a traditional or mundane lifestyle and feeling like something is missing. Donna Doyon, The Heart’s Calling Specialist, is helping clients break free from patterns of “conditioned” thinking with her spiritual coaching services.

Donna’s own spiritual calling led her to take a dramatic leap of faith in July 2021, when she made the decision to sell her home and travel the country in a converted 7x14-foot cargo trailer. Having stripped away all of life’s typical pressures and distractions, she forged a stronger connection to her spiritual gifts and felt a sense of peace about who she was. This critical step allowed her to finally pursue the coaching and healing work her soul had been guiding her to do for decades. Today, she enjoys a nomadic lifestyle that allows her to see the country, pursue her own passions, and speak with people who are confused and uncertain about how to blend their  spiritual awakening with their current human experience.

A certified Happiness Life Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Master NLP Practitioner, Donna is well-versed in various spiritual disciplines and uses these practices throughout her  coaching programs. Beyond her qualifications and accolades, her journey has allowed her to experience things that most people only dream of experiencing in their lifetime—from publishing two books and hosting a 165-episode self-development themed podcast to skydiving, running a half marathon, and hiking the 67 highest mountains in New England.

Self-described as one who “encourages the encouragers”, Donna sees the potential in others and is eager to help them explore it. Now, through her brand new eight-week program, Activate Your Individuality, aspiring lightworkers will celebrate their uniqueness so they can confidently do what they came here to do. Over the course of this program, they will take practical steps towards becoming their favorite, ever-evolving versions of themselves. These steps include learning to overcome doubts and fears, diving deeper into their conditioned thinking, and rewiring their brains. By the end of the program, those who have previously felt unseen and insignificant will feel comfortable and confident stepping into their roles as energy workers and healers while creating positive change in the world around them. 

Open enrollment for the Activate Your Individuality program begins in November 2022. To reserve a seat, click here

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