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The best place to start is to listen to my podcast. From my earliest episodes published in 2017 to my most recent episodes, you will get a sense of who I am by the experiences I share and the way I approach life, the Universe, and everything. 

You can find it on your favorite podcast app (it may be easier if you search for it by my name Donna Doyon or Donna Doyon Gilbert).

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Below you will find my current (almost) free and paid offers. I've broken them into three categories for your purchasing ease:

1. (Almost) FREE stuff

2. Online courses/Self-study

3. Plorking (Play/Working) 1:1 with me

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(Almost) FREE Stuff (all they cost are your email address)

Test Drive: Make IT More Meaningful (journal prompts)

Make IT More Meaningful offers members journal prompts related to each episode of my Leading the Way podcast. 

You can test drive this program with journal prompts from earlier episodes.  These prompts also serve as great conversation starters! 

Healthier Habits Starter Program (pdf)

These 7 simple habits will help you reduce stress, increase your level of creativity, and improve your overall sense of well-being. Includes a habit tracking form.

The Missing Piece (video series)

Is life feeling a bit SO-SO... you know... Same Old, Same Old? Do you feel like something is missing? You may be right!

Learn how to fit more joy into your practically perfect, yet sometimes boring life. 

This 5-part video series will help you see how your choices and actions may be sucking away your opportunities to experience joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your life.

Online Courses/Self-study

Make IT More Meaningful (journal prompts) - $9/month

Make IT More Meaningful provides members with journal prompts related to a Leading the Way podcast episode. These prompts helps you dive deeper into each week's topic and help you reconnect with your inner wisdom. They also serve as great conversation starters!

You can take a FREE Test Drive before you buy.


5-Day Reclaim Your Time Challenge - $17

If lack of time is always your reason for not ____________, reclaim at least 60-minutes every day to spend on things you really want to do.

As Good as Done - $27

This is a checks & balances system that harmonizes feminine and masculine energy so you feel both energetically aligned and productively engaged in manifesting your greatest desires. 

Healthier Habits Foundation - $147

HHF is a self-study program designed to help you identify and disrupt habits that make your life more challenging, so you can replace them with habits that support your health and happiness goals.

Wishes & Whispers (personal oracle card reading) - $77

If you have a secret dream, are you allowing the Universe to help it come true? 

In this oracle and tarot card reading, we'll tap into the power of your wishes and hear the affirming whispers of the Universe so you can manifest that secret dream.

Plork (Play/Work) with Me 1:1

Donna Doyon in front of her cargo trailer

I am available to work with a limited number of 1:1 mentees/students. If you are interested in a "plorking" relationship, email me at Put "CAN WE PLORK?" in the subject line. 🙂 And we'll see if play/working together serves our mutual highest interests. 

Listen to Ep124: A Tale of Two Mentees for my take on mentor/mentee relationships.

Enjoy some early episodes of my podcast as you take a test drive...

Use these journal prompts to get more from each episode.

Make IT More Meaningful will provide weekly journal prompts to help you dive deeper into each episode's topics. Reconnect with your inner wisdom and perspective. These prompts also serve as great conversation starters!

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