About Donna Doyon

Her Mission

To encourage and guide people who have felt unseen and insignificant their entire lives to honor their unique, soul-level calling to heal, guide, and teach others so they become their favorite, ever-evolving, version of themselves.

Her Promise 

1. To hold you in your highest light.

2. To call bullsh*t on your endless list of excuses.

3. To teach you to rewire your brain so you grow in confidence and certainty of your Inspired guidance.

Her Approach

To clear and heal energy blocks and limiting beliefs so you can move beyond those familiar old outdated stories and finally honor your Heart's-Calling.

Her Vibe

Living and loving life as she wants to live it. Allowing herself to change, flow, and grow without feeling the need to defend, excuse, or justify her choices. Trusting that the choices she makes are the right choices for her in the moment, and knowing that the intuitively-inspired and consciously-chosen choices you make for yourself are exactly the right ones in this moment. 

Her Pet Peeves

When people expect immediate results when making life changing changes. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes a commitment to the process. It takes changing autopilot programming (conditioned thoughts and habits) to support your desired outcome. 

When she falls for marketing ploys that make something that requires time, energy, and focused action sound fast, easy and fun because the creator slapped a catchy title on the program or service. She does this way too often. She tries to remember what she teaches: She already know the answers. She simply needs to implement what she knows.

Her "Resume-Worthy" Qualifications

Coaching, Health & Healing Certifications:

  • Belief Clearing Practitioner (Global Sciences Foundation) - 2020
  • Happiness Life Coach (Udemy) - 2020
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner (Global Sciences Foundation) - 2019
  • Master NLP Practitioner (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology) - 2020
  • Master Your Brain course (Udemy) - 2020
  • Reiki Master (Lisa Powers) - 2020
  • Shamanic Reiki Practitioner (Melissa Ayotte) - 2022

Professional Certifications:

  • Project Management Certificate (University of Southern Maine) - 2012
  • Distinguished Toastmaster (Toastmasters International) - 2003

College Degrees:

  • Master of Arts in Distance Learning (University of Phoenix Online) - 2003
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management (University of Phoenix Online) - 1998
  • Associate of Science in Communications Technology (Community College of the Air Force) - 1986

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