Hey there!
I'm Donna Doyon.

Donna Doyon at Mizpah Hut

My Mission

To help women age 50+ self-develop their physical health, mental strength, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening, so that their golden years of retirement are fun and sparkly instead of dull and tarnished.

My Promise

To remind you that you already know the answers to your questions. To encourage you to implement what you know to be your truth (in this moment).

My Approach

To share what I've learned about brain science, self-development concepts, and woo in a way that helps you shift your perspective about the good, the bad, and the "meh" aspects of life, so you will be able to differentiate between "Fool's Gold" and the real stuff.

My Vibe

Living and loving life as I want to live it. Allowing it to change, flow, and grow without feeling the need to defend, excuse, or justify my choices. Trusting that the choices I make are the right choices for me, and the choices you make will be the right choices for you (even if we change our minds a short time later!).

My Pet Peeves

When people expect immediate results when making life changing changes. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes a commitment to the process. It takes changing your autopilot programming (habits) to support your desired outcome. 

When I fall for marketing ploys that make something that requires time, energy, and focused action sound fast, easy and fun because the creator slapped a catchy title on the program or service. I do this way too often. I must remember what I teach: I already know the answers. I need to implement what I know.

My "Resume-Worthy" Qualifications

Coaching, Health & Healing Certifications:

  • Belief Clearing Practitioner (Global Sciences Foundation) - 2020
  • Happiness Life Coach (Udemy) - 2020
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner (Global Sciences Foundation) - 2019
  • Master NLP Practitioner (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology) - 2020
  • Master Your Brain course (Udemy) - 2020
  • Reiki Master (Lisa Powers) - 2020

Professional Certifications:

  • Project Management Certificate (University of Southern Maine) - 2012
  • Distinguished Toastmaster (Toastmasters International) - 2003

College Degrees:

  • Master of Arts in Distance Learning (University of Phoenix Online) - 2003
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management (University of Phoenix Online) - 1998
  • Associate of Science in Communications Technology (Community College of the Air Force) - 1986

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