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Step out of your comfort zone and can go on an amazing adventure! Experience passion and pleasure and find the narrow path to your heart's purpose.

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Welcome to another episode of Finding My Way, a podcast dedicated to helping you shift your perspective about the good, the bad and the bad things in your life. Each week, I'll be calling upon the wisdom of the universe to help you find magic in the mundane.

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This is episode 160, and I'm your host, Donna Doyon. This week we are going to do a little bit of storytelling using the Denise Lynn Sacred Traveler Oracle cards. I did my very first public event yesterday, and I was just loving how the stories for these seven women that I did readings for how those stories just came together. And I thought I would do that for you this week. So I have shuffled the cards and I've asked my guide to put the cards in order from top down for however many I need for this story, for inspiration, encouragement and uplift for you this week. And you can take a look at the pictures of all of these cards at my website, So the first card that I'm drawing that I'm seeing for you is the wandering path. And it says to enjoy the journey. And on this card, there is a Fox or a Wolf or something. He's over there looking at a map and a Compass that are laid out on a tree stump. And often the distance, you can see a path and you can see the Meadows and there's trees. So you're coming out of a forest and the path is a wandering one.

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And this is your journey. And remember, it's not going to be a straight line and it's going to go into the woods. And out of the woods there will be some lively creatures and there's a map and a Compass to use as a guide. But always remember that the map is not the territory. Earl and I, when we're hiking, we'll say, oh, that doesn't look too bad because on the map, it doesn't look like there would be such a great change in elevation. Or it can't show all of the obstacles. So maps are just a tool. They are not the entire journey. The second card I pulled oh, this is interesting because this is a card that I pulled, I think, for three or four of the people I read for yesterday. And it's called Vast Vistas. Expand Your Horizons. And it has a picture of a young man, brightly colored clothes, a purple cloak, and he has a feather in his cap and he's stepping out of a box. And what I was seeing with this card over the weekend and even right now is in order to experience your life to the fullest, you need to be willing to step out of the box.

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And the first step, of course, is recognizing what box you are stuck in. And sometimes it's easy to think, oh, I'm not in a box. I'm pretty free spirited, free thinking. We all have our boxes.

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So this week, I encourage you. I invite you. I challenge you. Try to identify at least one box that you are in where you are kind of stuck. And if you can push it open, break it open and start to climb out of the box. Because the real world, your real life, the greatest adventures ahead of you are outside of that box. And I just got to hit that. You can also think of the box as just your comfort zone, and you're going to start inching a little bit out of that comfort zone. The third card. This is so wonderful. The third card is a great adventure. Take a risk, venture forward. And on the picture, it has a gentleman standing on a boat that has a Dragon or a sea horse, sea monster type of thing at the front of it. And there's a sail and there's a good strong wind that's guiding them, that's pushing them. You're going to have to realize wandering path, vast vistas, great adventure. Recognize that your journey is going to be wandering. You're going to go to and fro in and out of woods, to forests, to mountains, to beaches, to oceans.

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You're going to be wandering all over the place. It's okay that's your path. Step out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone. Being aware of your comfort zone. The box stepping out of it is the taking a risk and venturing forward. Passion and pleasure. Savor your life. And we've got people here dancing in front of a fire. Very Gypsy looking, carefree, free flowing. They're doing this in the moonlight. Passion and pleasure. And that is what is in your future. If you're feeling like you've got stuck, this is perfect for early March, right? If you're feeling stuck and there's got to be more and you're feeling a little bit of the doldrums, reach for the passion and the pleasure. Embrace the journey. Get out there, friends. Get out there. Oh, and this I'm getting a hit that this is the last card. It is the narrow pathway. Tread thoughtfully. Oh, so this is beautiful. So what I'm seeing from this grouping of five cards, you've got this wandering path. You're wandering all over the place. You're going from forest fields to ocean, going to the mountains. You have to step out of your comfort zone.

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Perhaps your comfort zone is in the mountains and you need to go to the forest or the beaches or vice versa. Switch things up a little bit. Take that chance to do something different. Enjoy the beauty and the party and the celebration. Savor your life. Because that is what life is about. It isn't about the chores in the doldrums and the jobs. It's about finding that passion and the excitement. And then you're concluding with a narrow pathway. As you've gone through all of this, what it comes down to is that you have your own mission, your own purpose in life, whatever that may be and that is your narrow pathway it's getting you to that grand place where you want to be and you tread thoughtfully there Giving consideration to the people around you, the great relationships you have in your life and the great relationships that you will be developing. It's powerful message Because even though we have all of these scattered options, we still have that narrow focus to get us to where our true centeredness and our true calling will be. And this happened to me yesterday. I was indicating that it was the last card and then I got to hit take one more.

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This is why the next card that I drew because feeling narrow the narrow pathway and I guess this is for me Because I was starting to feel that feels a little trapped. I like the freedom of the great adventure and the passion and the Oops I buried my card the passion and the pleasure and then to narrow it down Feels so constricting and it feels like I could be going into dangerous, creepy territory. That's kind of what was coming to me but that's not the reality Because the next card that I drew for you is protected by Angels. You are cherished by the Angels and when we thoughtfully tread down that narrowed path Fulfilling why we are here and appreciating and experiencing that energetic boost of love and compassion and enlightenment know that you are protected by Angels they are not going to let anything bad happen to you. What happens to you is part of your journey and the Angels will support you and hold you up and make sure that you feel protected and wrapped in their love and their strength so we have an amazing journey ahead of us. This is really cool.

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So we have the wandering path, the vast vistas we're going on a great adventure Full of passion and pleasure and then finally we are going to settle in and tread thoughtfully on the narrow pathway of our purpose and we are fully supported and protected by the Angels. That's my message for you this week. I hope that it is glorious Because from what I'm reading here, how could it not be?

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These amazing cards are from the Sacred Traveler deck by Denise Linn. 

Sacred Traveler oracle deck by Denise Linn

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