Pardon Me, Your "Whatever Venture" is Calling

Donna Doyon - Walk with Me

You feel called to do something.

You may know what that something is or you may not be sure. You just know that it’s SOMETHING.

Something important.

Something meaningful.

Something bigger than you believe you can accomplish.

Your Heart calls. You send it to voice mail.

Opportunity knocks. You drop to the floor, hold your breath and pretend you aren't home. 

A part of you wants to invite her in, but another part believes you can't do whatever she wants you to do.

Your job is too demanding. Your adult children depend on you too much. You need to lose 25 pounds.

​You hope it's not too late. But you worry that it might be.

You may never...

  • Share the stories that will entertain, inspire, or educate millions of people.
  • Experience the sensation of pushing yourself physically and mentally as you train for and complete an athletic event using your non-athletic body.
  • Create the movement for social change that burns deep in your heart.
  • Recognize in yourself the courage, determination, and passion it takes to believe in yourself enough to answer when Opportunity knocks.

Instead you say...

"I don't have the time."

"I don't have the energy."

"I don't know what to do."

Work, making dinner, and the dozens of daily tasks you do to keep your family and home comfortable, takes everything you have.

But still...

A voice whispers to you.

"It's your turn."

"It's not too late."

"You know what to do."

Donna Doyon - Whatever Venture definition

You begin to notice how you spend your time.

You begin to see what saps your energy.

You begin to see that you are focusing your time and energy on things that are not important to you, but seem to matter to others. 

You begin to see that by meeting everyone else's needs, you leave nothing for yourself. 

You begin to wonder...

Do I dare take my turn?

You decide that maybe... just maybe... if you made some small changes...

You could free up time and energy to respond to the whispers of your heart.


You start challenging your thoughts and questioning your beliefs.

You start ditching feelings of doubt, guilt, blame and shame.

You start understanding that the choices you made yesterday, don’t have to be the same ones you make today .

You start taking just a few minutes EVERY day (or most days) to take care of your mind, body, and spirit.