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A Mindful Approach to Weight Loss

"A Mindful Approach to Weight Loss" workshops are for you, if…

  • You outwardly accept your excess weight as part of your identity, but inwardly desire to reach and live at a healthy weight.
  • You are tired and frustrated with losing weight only to have it find you again.
  • You are curious to explore the connection between your thoughts, your eating habits, and your weight.

Three Common Obstacles to Weight Loss:

1. Living on Autopilot

Every day looks and feels like the one before. Your routine is so ingrained, you can't fathom finding the time, energy, or resources to make the changes needed to plan and prepare healthy meals or change your eating patterns.

2. Believing What You THINK

Your brain wants to keep you where it feels safe and familiar. It tells you who you are and what you are capable of achieving based on past experiences or observations. You rarely challenge those thoughts that tell you you can't lose weight or make different food choices.

3. Expecting Too Much from Others

You want your friends and family members to enthusiastically join you on a weight loss journey. You expect other people to make changes to their eating habits in support of you, and feel hurt or frustrated if they don't.

Three Uncommon Workshops

Sunday - January 12

Topic: TAKE Your Eating Off Autopilot

Learn to identify and disrupt the patterns of sameness that keep you trapped at your current weight. Learn to pause and reflect before nibbling on your favorite comfort food.

Sunday - February 9

Topic: Refute Your Limiting Beliefs

Learn how to recognize the judgment-filled thoughts that keep you from moving forward with confidence. Challenge their validity and rewrite your stories to support and love your body as it is, so you can love your way to a healthy weight.

Sunday - March 8

Topic: Become Your Own Champion

Your weight loss journey is your own. Learn to take the focus off food and eating and put it on emotional healing.

Choose the time/location that is most convenient:

Time: 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Presence of Mind Wellness Center

120 Main Street - Saco Mill Bldg #4

(Next to the train station)

Saco, ME 04072

Cost per workshop: $15

Time: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

The Studio at One Earth

191 Emery Mills Road (Route 109)

Shapleigh, ME 04076

Cost per workshop: $15

Self-Study Programs:

 Healthier Habits Foundation Program

If you are ready to RECLAIM your right to live healthier and happier, without totally disrupting your current routine, this program is for you!

  • You’ll focus on small daily actions, so you’ll always treat your health as a priority
  • You’ll deal with the occasional self-doubt and the lapses in behavior, so you’ll always be able to pick yourself up, and move forward again
  • You’ll feel the pride of knowing that you’ve taken care of your health each and every day, so you’ll keep taking action to continue feeling that sense of self-pride
  • You’ll confidently state what you need regarding time for exercising, meal prep, or relationship development, so you’ll never neglect your own well-being again
  • You’ll practice habits that you determine are a good fit for your goals and your life, so you’ll choose to keep them as part of your daily routine

You will unleash Your Super Power!

Includes unlimited e-mail coaching support (Monday thru Friday) for 90 days.

Investment in yourself: $147

Learn more here ==> Healthier Habits Foundation program