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I enjoy assisting clients as they transform from mostly satisfied with their lives, to really enjoying the smaller things that bring them so much joy. For each of us, that is different. But it all starts by allowing (yes, allowing), those joy-filled activities in your life. And to do that, you need to cut out some of the less meaningful activities.

In this video, I share why I think it’s so critical to focus on your daily habits in order to make the changes you want in your life.

And here I share with you three reasons why you probably are NOT going to take advantage of a free discovery call with me. 🙂

And here, I share with you three reasons why you SHOULD take advantage of one. 🙂

Be brave. Be bold.

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Premium Programs

Healthier Habits Intensive Program

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Healthier Habits Intensive Training Program

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

In this 30-day intensive program, it will be you and me… standing together against the world (and your inner demons) to RECLAIM your right to live healthier and happier.

We’ll focus on adding physical activity into your daily routine–your habits–making them more powerful than you thought possible.

Commitment and thick skin (armor) are all you need!

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Self-Study Programs:

5-Day Reclaim Your Time Challenge

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If not having enough time keeps you from focusing on your health goals, this 5-day challenge will help you find small and large blocks of time in your day that can be RECLAIMED for better use.

Investment in yourself: $37

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Healthier Habits Starter Program.

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Pick one healthier habit to focus on for 10 days. Decide, commit, act.

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