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Donna Doyon - A Mindful Approach to Weight Loss

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A Mindful Approach to Weight Loss

"A Mindful Approach to Weight Loss" workshops are for you, if…

  • You outwardly accept your excess weight as part of your identity, but inwardly desire to reach and live at a healthy weight.
  • You are tired and frustrated with losing weight only to have it find you again.
  • You are curious to explore the connection between your thoughts, your eating habits, and your weight.

Self-Study Programs:

 Healthier Habits Foundation Program

If you are ready to RECLAIM your right to live healthier and happier, without totally disrupting your current routine, this program is for you!

  • You’ll focus on small daily actions, so you’ll always treat your health as a priority
  • You’ll deal with the occasional self-doubt and the lapses in behavior, so you’ll always be able to pick yourself up, and move forward again
  • You’ll feel the pride of knowing that you’ve taken care of your health each and every day, so you’ll keep taking action to continue feeling that sense of self-pride
  • You’ll confidently state what you need regarding time for exercising, meal prep, or relationship development, so you’ll never neglect your own well-being again
  • You’ll practice habits that you determine are a good fit for your goals and your life, so you’ll choose to keep them as part of your daily routine

You will unleash Your Super Power!

Includes unlimited e-mail coaching support (Monday thru Friday) for 90 days.

Investment in yourself: $147

Learn more here ==> Healthier Habits Foundation program