Week 1: Funemployed & Loving It

Dear Diary,

Well, it has been a mostly productive first week as a funemployed entrepreneur. Here’s how things aligned against my plan:

  • Monday – I done did good! I stayed focused on my business planning plan. I also finished up the podcast episode during one of my “mind breaks.” The bathroom is still waiting to be cleaned. 🙁
  • Tuesday – The theme was to be out of my comfort zone. Mission accomplished! I attended a networking event, met with my new accountant, and experienced an intuitive reading. I also enjoyed a 7-mile run!
  • Wednesday – Family social day! I drove to Massachusetts to spend time with my aunt and cousins. Besides being amazing people, they gave me the idea for next week’s podcast episode.
  • Thursday – Spent the morning recording next week’s podcast episode and got most of the editing done on it. Did some prep work for next week’s meeting with the accountant. Enjoyed another 7-mile run (I’m training for a half marathon). Spent the afternoon working on my soon-to-be-announced 1:1 intensive program.
  • Friday – Finished editing next week’s podcast episode and did the other post-production work on it. Took a break to meet a former co-worker for breakfast. Now it is time to focus on more accounting prep-work and then more 1:1 intensive program work.

Overall, I am happy with what I’ve accomplished this week!


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