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For the past few months I've been feeling stuck and afraid to start over. But then I started wondering, "what if that new story is better than my current one?" 

That's when I self-selected the Tower card.

In this episode, I'm saying goodbye and "blowing up" my online presence to free myself up for my next grand adventure. 

Thank you for sharing this part of my journey with me. If our paths cross in the future, be sure to say Hello!

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Note: This is a computer-generated transcript. That means it's pretty good, but not perfect. If you read something weird or confusing, first laugh, then use the time stamp to hop into the podcast to find out what I REALLY said. 🙂

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Welcome to another episode of Finding My Way, a podcast dedicated to helping you shift your perspective about the good, the bad, and the best things in your life. Each week, I'll be calling upon the wisdom of the universe to help you find magic in the mundane.

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This is episode 165, and I'm your host, Donna Doyon. In the midst of all of the chaos that's going on in our world right now with COVID-19 and the Coronavirus, many of us are stepping back and reevaluating where we are, what our roles are in this world, and how we're going to move forward in what potentially could be some really challenging times ahead. As you know, since about episode 100 and 4145 or so, I have been struggling with this podcast and whether it was something I wanted to continue doing. And I've made the decision all along, just trusting my gut, trusting my intuition, and just going along for the ride. And it has been great doing these extra 15 episodes. But as the Walrus in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass says, the time has come. The Walrus said to talk of many things. And while he went on to talk about shoes and chips and ceiling wax, it's time for me to talk about ending this podcast. It's something that's been on my mind for many months now. And even though I've really enjoyed the direction it's come with reading tarot cards for you and pulling Oracle cards for you, it's time for me to move on to something else.

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And I'm not quite sure what that is. And I realized today that I'm not going to be able to discover that as long as I'm holding on to what I'm holding on to, and it's time to let it go. I was originally just going to shut things down and not give a final goodbye because it seems like I've been saying goodbye to you guys for months and months, and I thought I would just fade off into the background with everything going on, you probably wouldn't even notice. But then it occurred to me, my last episode, episode 164, it was a cautionary tale. And it was, I think, the only one that was really kind of that okay, people, slow down, stop and really think about what you're doing. Do not make rash decisions. Do not make rash commitments. And the third card in the reading was the Dragons Lair. And it said you have a remarkable internal warning system that lets you know when things are out of alignment. And I remember when I was talking during this episode, I told you that this particular reading really resonated with me on several levels. The Dragons Lair also says that a new experience is calling to you, one that will test your courage.

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The choice is yours, but there is greater value in risktaking than remaining unchallenged. New territories are waiting to be discovered. And as I've been sitting on that message from last week. And today I spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I was really tired. I haven't been sleeping well. And I went upstairs curled into my bed, ready to take a nap. And my head just started thinking about all of the weight and the heaviness that I feel from what I currently have going on in my online presence. I have a website that I've been working on, revamping. I have some online courses. I now have two podcasts. It just felt heavy. And so I'm ready to blow things up. I have been telling friends for a couple of weeks, oh, my gosh, I just want to blow everything up and start over now. Synchronicity. It happens. We get messages from the universe, and if we're willing to pay attention to them, magic happens. So I'd been feeling this way. And then today I received an email, just a standard email from one of the many people that I subscribed to. And it was from one of the sisters, Enchanted.

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Anna got married. Now she shares the story of how the tower cart from Tarot has been a big presence in her life. The man that she married, his last name is Tower. And she shared a creative Tarot spread for us to use, using the tower card as the centerpiece. And so I did that today. And let me tell you about the tower card, if you're not familiar with it. So the tower card looks like something you don't want to receive at first glance. You look at it and you say, Yikes, I do not want that. So there's a tower on top of a Hill and there's a Bolt of lightning that strikes the top of the tower. The top of the tower has actually been blown off by the force of the strike. There are people falling out of the windows to their death, and it's a pretty ominous looking card. In Tarot. The tower card can be devastating, but it's also hope building and renewing. So I am going to read from Barbara Moore's, your Tarot Your Way book, what she says about the tower card. We spend a lot of time in our lives building things, relationships, careers, homes, lifestyles, philosophies, religions, world views, prejudices and ideals.

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It is in our nature to create structures that support our lives. The Emperor is all about useful, healthy structures. Now, the Emperor is an earlier major Arcana card in the deck. So the Emperor is all about youthful, healthy structures. Sometimes, though, we outgrow our structures, or we need to shed our structures so that we can grow like a snake, shedding its skin. Humans don't love change, and so we often cling too tightly to our beloved structures long after we don't need them anymore. When that happens, the universe often helps us out by, well, totally demolishing your tower for you. The tower comes up in readings as a heads up. You can take steps to free yourself maintaining more control in inviting less crisis and chaos, or you can let nature take its course. Either way, you'll be able to rebuild a new structure that is better suited to your current life. For a while, you'll probably be mad and pouty about it, but in time, you will realize that the experience was really a gift. And taking that advice to heart, I have made the decision to blow up intentionally my online presence. So if you visit my website, you're going to see a picture of the Tower card.

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And if you try to click any of the links from any Google searches you might do for me, all of the pages are going to come up with the Tower card with my explanation for it, because I'm ready to move on to something bigger. And the framework that I have right now is limiting me. It's holding me back. One thing that I have been thinking about for quite a while now is just my last name. Doyon is my married name, but I'm not married anymore. This may will be coming up on ten years of being divorced. And even though when we got divorced, I chose to keep this name because I never really felt connected with my maiden name. Now I'm in a relationship with a wonderful man. We're talking about marriage, and I have this false sense that I've developed some type of following or this professional persona as Donna Doyon. But, you know, it's kind of a house of cards, Tarot or Oracle cards, probably because I really haven't made the impact that I would like. And to hold on to this name, I feel is not honoring the relationship I have with Earl.

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So I am going to blow up everything. The courses that I've created, this podcast is going to go away. I'm not quite sure about the new podcast that I started, but I am just going to delete my Facebook page, not my profile. My personal profile will still be there for those of you who are friends. But anything that's professionally associated with Donna Doyon, I'm going to blow it up. And I'm just going to give myself time to grieve that process, to experience the chaos of it, and then see where it takes me. So I'm really excited about this. And like I said, I was just going to do this until I realized that last week's message was one that was ominous and I didn't want to leave you on that note. So if you have something going on in your life, some structure that you've put in place, something that feels rigid and constrained and you're ready to break free of it, remember the Tower card? If your life purpose lies outside of the structures that you have put in place for yourself, to feel that sense of safety and security, but your purpose is outside of that structure.

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The universe is going to help you complete your mission, and it's going to blow up your tower for you and then you will be caught off guard, unprepared and perhaps emotionally devastated by that happening. But if you're getting that sense that something big has to happen has to change you have the power to make the decision to plant the Dynamite to light the fuse and just watch it blow up from a safe distance and then you just get to sit back and say, oh, my flipping word, what's going to happen now? And that for me is the most exciting thing because as I do this over the next couple of days or by the time you hear this, it will have been done. I will totally close and unpublish this podcast at the end of April but my website will already be the tower card will be showing everywhere and I'm really excited because I'm telling the universe okay, I'm listening. I heard I resisted and now I get it. It's time to blow this crap up and now we're going to see what happens and it's so exciting. Yeah, it's going to be great so you won't be hearing from me after this podcast episode.

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If you're on my email list you won't be hearing from me because I think I'm going to blow that up too. This is just getting funer and funner. Okay? So take care of yourself, have a great life. Thank you for letting me share part of it and now it's time for me to go blow some crap up. The music for this podcast is Drifting Upstream by Hyson.


Tarot - The Tower Card

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