The Struggle is Real

In a perfect world, things would be perfect. In a perfect world, there would be no stumbling blocks or obstacles to get in our way of working on our goals.

Not only do I not live in a perfect world. I live in a world that is also inhabited by two cats!

Today I was determined to finally record a video to put on my “About Donna” page. I wanted to share the story of a horrible experience that transformed my life.

I got home from work, put some breaded haddock in the oven, and set up my camera. I had to find a place in my small condo that would be suitable as a background without doing a lot of cleaning. I found a spot. I set up extra lights and moved the camera trying to find the best spot to record my story.

The timer went off on the oven. I stopped what I was doing to eat dinner. Good thing, otherwise you might have heard my stomach grumbling!

Once my dinner was finished the cats started meowing to be fed (again). I thought, I’ll give them a little kibble to keep them quiet. Wrong! The crunching noise seemed to echo in my living room.

Sigh… I waited for them to finish.

I pressed the record button on the camera and moved into position. That was when I noticed Earl’s cat, Ocarina, was poised above me on the stairs.

Sigh… photo bombed by a cat.

I decided to ignore her. I started speaking. She jumped and raced up the stairs. I couldn’t help but laugh. I kept the camera recording, but started from the beginning of my story.

Mocha, my cat, chose that moment to express her opinion, “Meow. Meow. Meow” about something–probably my talking too loudly.


A video project that should have taken no more than 30-45 minutes to record, had moved beyond the 1-hour mark. I ran out of time.

Tomorrow I will try again, with the wisdom of what I learned today. Basically I learned where to put the lights, where to place the camera, and where I would stand.

As for the cats, I am not quite sure how I will handle them tomorrow. Most likely I will use the next 24-hours to try to accept that they will make an appearance, big or small, audio or video, in my videos.

I need to be okay with that; otherwise two cats will keep me from achieving my goals. That is just not acceptable!


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