August 12, 2023

Hey there, visitor!

About a week ago I made the decision to NEVER update my website again. I was going to create a video stating why for my Home Page and write a post about that decision. The video hasn't been recorded yet, but I felt the need to put my decision into action in the form of this post.

If I have any updates to share, they will be in post form like this.

So here's the latest news from me:

1. I am going to permanently cross "Update my website" off my To Do List. What you see now is probably how it will be for years and years to come. I am okay with that. Relieved, in fact.

2. After a 3 1/2 year break, I am relaunching my podcast on Sept 5, 2023. If you want to listen, search for it on your favorite podcast app. I am NOT going to write blog posts for each episode as I did in the past. Because I will be changing the name, the easiest way to search for it will be using my name: Donna Doyon.

3. With the relaunch of my podcast, I created a new online product called Make IT More Meaningful. This consists of journal prompts (which can also be great conversation starters) related to each new podcast episode. I created a free "test drive" experience using some of my earlier podcast episodes. Learn more about it here: Test Drive: Make IT Meaningful

4. Having semi-retired, I am working with a limited number of 1:1 clients. This will allow me time freedom to more fully enjoy seeing this beautiful country, while also serving the people who want to experience my unique and powerful form of guidance. Openings will be announced to Make IT More Meaningful participants first.

And there you have it... 

These points sum up the changes I am making in my coaching practice.

Have an amazing day!



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Donna Doyon

Donna Doyon is a leadership mentor to intuitive introverts who have been called to teach, heal, and guide others on the path of spiritual awakening, without totally disrupting their lives.