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Donna Doyon - Terrifying 25 Trail - Baldface Circle Trail

Ep128: A “Terrifying 25” Trail

  • June 4, 2019

Hiking one of NH's "Terrifying 25" trails pushed me physically and mentally to stay focused on the task at hand (and foot). It also reminded me of a few important life lessons.

Show Notes:

I mentioned Episode 125: Are Your SMART Goals DUMB?

Below are pics from the Baldface Circle Trail. 

Donna Doyon Baldface Circle trail-1

The beginning of the "Terrifying 25 List" worthy section of the Baldface Circle Trail.

Donna Doyon Baldface Circle trail-2

Check out the angle of this rock wall.

Check the tread on your shoes before attempting.

Donna Doyon Baldface Circle trail-3

There were not that many places or trees to grab hold of as you angle your way across it. 

Donna Doyon Baldface Circle trail-4

I love rock scrambles like this!

Donna Doyon Baldface Circle trail-5

Such a beautiful mountain. Still so far to go. 🙂

Donna Doyon Baldface Circle trail-6

There were many places where you feel like you would just fall off the edge of the world.

Donna Doyon Baldface Circle trail-7

My camera has a motion feature that allowed me to see that the spec is a fly.

Junction point where the scary ends.

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