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Social distancing can be a time to get things done. It can also be a time to begin something new or spend time with a lapsed creative interest.

What lessons can you learn from this week's card reading? 

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Welcome to another episode of Finding My Way, a podcast dedicated to helping you shift your perspective about the good, the bad, and the best things in your life. Each week, I'll be calling upon the Wisdom of the find magic in the mundane.

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This is episode 162, and I'm your host, Donna Doyon. Today I am going to share a card that I pulled for you as kind of a takeaway lesson that we can learn from social distancing. As I was looking at my many decks of cards today, wondering which one to pull a card for you, the deck that called to me is The Power of Surrender Deck by Judith Orloff. And you can see a picture of the deck, the box, anyway, and the card that I'm picking for you today by going to Two. Here's a funny story, all right. It may not be funny to you, but it's just kind of the magic of the cards and the messages from the universe. I do believe they have a good sense of humor. So for many months, I have been wanting to do YouTube videos on unboxing some of my card decks. In fact, I have five or six decks that I haven't opened yet because my intention is to do unboxing videos for them. And the standard way that this happens is that someone will take the plastic wrap off it. But then everyone is surprised at the same time and you get to capture on video the owner's first response to the deck, how the box feels, how the cards feel, what the cards look like.

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And I've been wanting to do this, but I haven't. This morning, I thought, you know what? I'm just going to take a few minutes, try to get things set up. Here was my issue. I wanted to be able to have a camera on my face as well as a camera on the cards that are on the table. And I've been struggling with trying to figure out how to do that. So today I decided, okay, I'll just use my computer desk. It's not the prettiest setup, but I'm just going to play with it, see what happens. And so I set up my smartphone on a little flexible tripod thing and aimed it down at the deck. And then I put the webcam on and I was looking into the webcam and I started talking about this deck. Then I really got caught up in how my hair looked. And so I had to go upstairs and wet my short hair down because I got my hair cut, wet my hair down, came back down, and it still looked pretty horrible. So I went back up and wet it down again, put some mousse in it and tried to make it a little better, came down, still looked horrible, decided, okay, I'm not going to try to do this for real.

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I'm just going to play. So I am doing the video and talking about the deck and blah, blah, blah. And then using my smartphone which is focused down on the cards. And I read through all of the cards so that viewers would be able to see every card in the deck. The last card that I pulled was the surrender your attachment to results card. And as soon as I saw that, I couldn't help but smile and know, OK, no matter how badly my hair looks, no matter if things are not perfect with the camera on the cards on the desk, because I couldn't really see what that looked like and I'm just hoping that it even actually recorded. I figured, okay, I have to do this. Surrender my attachment to the results. It doesn't have to be perfect and trust me, I'm sure that it will not be. But I knew in that moment that I just needed to do it and I need to create it, edit it, upload it to YouTube and surrender to the results. And this is the message on that card. The formula for success is to do all you can to make things happen and that's in quotes.

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Then let go of the results. Holding on too tightly to a desired outcome can sabotage it. Perfect lesson for that experience that I was going through, that precious video that I wanted to create and future videos that I want to create. So I put all of my video stuff away, got settled down, was preparing to pull another card from this deck for this lesson that we can take away from all of the social distancing that's going on. Most of us, our lives have been totally disrupted and for many of us, we're not getting our usual income. We're worried about finances, we're worried about so many things, the safety and the health of our loved ones that we can't access. We're trying to do the right thing, but it's so hard, sometimes even introverts like me, I'm feeling the lack of social connection. So we're going online and we're making things happen. But ultimately, what is a lesson that we can take away from the social distancing experience? I asked my guides that I asked them to deliver a powerful message to you today. And I shuffled my deck and I said, okay, I'm going to shuffle it three times.

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The top card is the message. The message that I pulled for you. Your takeaway lesson for social distancing is to surrender your attachment to results. The formula for success is to do all you can to quote, make things happen, then let go of the results. Holding on too tightly to a desired outcome can sabotage it. Yes, I pulled for you the very same card. That was the last card I showed on that unboxing video recording. Now this card deck has 52 cards. So what are the odds that the top card after I've shuffled the deck numerous times, because before I put my cards back into the box, I always shuffle them a few times. So this card ended up on the top of this deck. So here's the message from the universe for you. Surrender your attachment to results. This time of seclusion and life being on hold is the perfect time for you to do something that your heart has been calling you to do. Now maybe it's cleaning out the closets and it could be. And if you start to clean out the closets and you get distracted by something else, let go of the results.

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There's a funny meme going around on Facebook that says my heart goes out to the husbands everywhere who've been saying I'll do it when I have time because you know that honey do list has been growing and growing and now all they have is time. Some things should be getting done. And if you have a similar list and you don't get through that list, it's okay. When we come out of this coronavirus self seclusion social distancing experience, don't beat yourself up. If you didn't get things done that you wanted to get done, let go of the results. Instead, try to make things happen. Do all you can to make things happen. And my wish for you is if you have some type of a creative interest, a hobby that you haven't experienced for a while and enjoyed for a while, pull it out. Use this time to do that. Let go of the need to clean the closets. The practical things. Instead, focus on something that will bring some real joy to your life. And yes, I believe that cleaning out closets and decluttering can bring joy. But then you're met with, well, if the donation places are not open or accepting new items, then all this clutter is just going to be sitting there.

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Focus on something that's new that's interesting. Perhaps you like to draw or paint and your supplies have been hidden in a closet. Well, pull them out of the closet and start using them. Allow yourself to just play, have fun. Don't attach yourself to the results. If it's something new in particular, like this type of video I was trying to create, don't put too much pressure on yourself for it to be perfect. Just relax and enjoy it and be so grateful that you have this opportunity to do that. I don't know how long the social distancing practice is going to continue. In some cities they're getting serious and having more kind of a lockdown situation which can be stressful. Allow yourself to play. Allow yourself to create new things and don't worry about the results and the outcome and how good it is. And wouldn't it be nice if it could be better? The card that pops into my mind from the surrender deck, it's something like surrender how you're comparing yourself to others, something like that. And this is a perfect opportunity for you. So as we go into day. Whatever of social distancing, do something fun or do something practical.

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And if it doesn't get done exactly the way that you wanted, that's okay. Enjoy this time. Enjoy these moments. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you need to feel. The stress, the worry, the concern, the benefits, the blessings. The world coming together in so many ways. Again, the formula for success is to do all you can to make things happen and then let go of the results. Holding on too tightly to a desired outcome can sabotage it. And I will add, if you don't make things happen in whatever form, if you don't do all that you can to make things happen, you're stopping that free flow of beautiful energy that the universe is directing your way to make things happen. So this week I invite you, I encourage you and I challenge you to do something for the pure joy of doing it without worrying about the outcome.

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