Smile! It makes a difference

Have you ever had one of those miserable days when nothing went right?

Perhaps it started when the alarm clock didn’t go off (why do they put a.m./p.m. lights on those things anyway!) and ended when you realized you forgot to do a load of laundry so you’d have clean underwear to wear the next day.

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Why me?

Chances are good that one incident caused the rest of the day to turn sour. Why? Because you let it.

Instead of taking a deep breath, smiling, accepting that you would be running a late and notifying the people this might affect, you panicked. You rushed around and didn’t do some things and did others poorly in an attempt to catch up. Instead of being grateful for the extra sleep, you destroyed the benefit of it by expending a day’s worth of energy in a short period of time.

The next time something frustrates you, annoys you or otherwise ruins “the moment,” take a deep breath. Smile. Move on with a “this won’t ruin my day” attitude, and it won’t be able to ruin your day.

Smile like you mean it

Smile like you mean it

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