Ep125: Are Your SMART Goals DUMB?

By Donna Doyon | Blog

May 14
Donna Doyon - Ep125 - Are Your SMART Goals DUMB - c

Goal setting guidance encourages creating SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Action-based, Realistic, and Time bound). But can your well-thought out SMART goals be DUMB goals?

Learn 4 factors that will help you determine if you should continue pursuing a goal. 

Show Notes:

I mentioned the two-part series on the importance of establishing healthy personal boundaries. Here are links to those episodes:

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About the Author

Donna Doyon leads the Healthier Habits movement, helping people go from feeling powerless to powerful by taking control of their daily habits. Through her online programs, and Finding My Way podcast, Donna challenges people to make simple changes to their current approach to life to obtain healthier outcomes.