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Ep038 – Self Care After Exhausting Experiences

  • September 12, 2017

Life can be exhausting… even (especially) the fun stuff. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to experience some down-time to regroup and reconnect with ourselves.

In this episode, I share some ways to restore your energy even when you only have a few minutes to do so.

So here’s my story…

Earl and I spent 5 days hiking the Appalachian Trail from Rte 2 in Gorham, New Hampshire to Rte 26, Grafton Notch State Park, in Newry, Maine. It was about 30 miles of rugged terrain.

A one-mile stretch called Mahoosuc Notch, is known as the hardest, slowest traveled, and most fun mile on the 2,200 mile trail. I agree with all of those sentiments!

After 5 days on the trail, I was exhausted. This was definitely one of those vacations that I should have allowed myself a recovery day before returning to the job.

Donna Doyon - crawling thru rocks in Mahoosuc Notch

Donna Doyon – crawling thru rocks in Mahoosuc Notch

Hiking the Appalachian Trail north from Speck Pond, Maine. On our way up Old Spec Mountain.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail north from Speck Pond, Maine. On our way up Old Spec Mountain.

Donna Doyon after living the Dream for 5 days

I have always bruised easily, but this was ridonkulous! The bruises continue to grow and spread. This is what living the dream looks like. HA HA

Life can get hard. It may not be a grueling physical experience that wears you down; it may be a stressful job or health crisis. Whatever life throws at you, be sure to make time (and take time) to perform a little self care.

Self care will mean something different for you than it does for me. Napping, reading, or putting yourself in a Netflix induced coma may not be your answer… but whatever you do to recharge your battery, please, please, please do it. You deserve to live life to the fullest and we can’t do that when our batteries are drained.

Hugs and healing wishes to you!

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About the Author Donna Doyon

Donna Doyon leads the Healthier Habits movement, helping people go from feeling powerless to powerful by taking control of their daily habits. Through her online programs, and Finding My Way podcast, Donna challenges people to step out of their current limiting roles and responsibilities and into their Whatever Venture℠ potential.

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