If you are a hobbyist or an entrepreneur who is interested in the technology choices I’ve made and recommend, below is my list of providers.

But before I share my list of favorites… I want you to know that some/many of these links are affiliate links. That means that if you choose to purchase something after clicking a link on my site, I will earn a commission. The commission comes at no additional cost to you. If you don’t think a product/service will help you or you don’t think you need them, please save your money. That is NOT what an affiliate program is about.

Web hosting:

managed wordpress hosting

I have been using A2Hosting since I started my website up again a few years ago. I love how they are quick to fix my techno oopsie and help me get things figured out again.

 E-mail service

I use ConvertKit for my e-mail. It is an expensive option (there are good free options available) for someone just getting started. I did start with Convertkit for a couple of reasons… it noticed a lot of people I was following used it AND I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of migrating from a free service to a paid one at a later date. I have been completely happy with ConvertKit and have never resented the $29 month fee even when I was generating $0 income.

If you want to learn about e-mail marketing, they have a pretty good book with information to get started ==> The ConvertKit Book

If you want to learn more about ConvertKit, click here ==> ConvertKit Home Page

ConvertKit training with Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard

Freebie ==> A Beginner’s Guide to ConvertKit – You will be joining her e-mail list if you take advantage of this offer. Definitely worth it and one I used when I first got started.

Monthly fee ==> ConvertKit Club

OMGoodness, I love, love, love being part of this group! Lizzy is super cool and knows her crap about ConvertKit. She has a private FB group that is active and she will answer your questions whether you are just getting started or if you have quite a bit of knowledge.