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A rather mild rant about people who want to create an online presence/business and use their lack of "tech savvy" as an excuse to not do anything. 

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Note: This is a computer-generated transcript. That means it's pretty good, but not perfect. If you read something weird or confusing, first laugh, then use the time stamp to hop into the podcast to find out what I REALLY said. 🙂


Welcome to another episode of Finding My Way, a podcast dedicated to sharing the scattered thoughts and muddled musings of this 50 something year old woman. Each week I'll share my experiences, challenges, doubts and fears, as well as the lessons I've learned that keep me moving forward toward my dreams. And yes, this is the podcast that was formerly known as Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling. This is Episode 134. And I'm your host, Donna Doyon. When I decided that this week's episode was going to be a rant, I hesitated.


The idea came to me late last week, so I've had time to settle down, process my feelings and consider my thoughts around this topic of being tech savvy and even further into being enough. So it's possible that this rant and I put that in air quotes here as I'm by my microphone. So this rant could be pretty mild. And you may think, oh, Donna, you're so wimpy when it comes to your rants, and that's possible. But I'm hoping that once I start talking, I'm going to get myself fired up.


And what comes across is going to be a true rant, but we'll see how it goes. So here's the situation. This is what got me fired up. I create online courses. I have this podcast, and in general, I am trying to create an online business, whatever venture, something that will generate income enough to cover my costs, hopefully to create an income for myself. So learning how to do all of these things because I wasn't born with the knowledge crap when I was born, we didn't even have this technology.


We barely had pushbutton phones where I grew up. We had the rotary phones. There was no such thing as the Internet podcast. Didn't exist, didn't exist. You had AM radio stations, maybe a few FM stations. Who knows? I don't remember all of that. But there are things out there in the world that I didn't know. But I wanted to do this. And I had this vision of what I wanted to create the podcast, specifically the online courses specifically.


I didn't know how to do any of these things. The technology was out there and I needed to learn. Now, back then, I could say I'm not tech savvy, but what I had to do was learn and I'm so tired and OK. So all of the Facebook groups that I'm in that support, the learning and the encouragement, the support, some of them, the groups are related to courses that I've purchased. And I am so tired, so flipping tired of people going into these groups and saying, what's the best place to upload my podcast to?


Because I'm so not tech savvy crap. I hate that. Don't use your lack of tech savvy as an excuse. Don't try to say don't minimize what you've learned and all that you've accomplished by reducing it to your tech savvy level. There are so many gazillion forms of technology. Do we have to understand all of it and use all of it to call ourselves tech savvy? No, we only need to know the little pieces that we use. I look at my phone, I have a pixel three.


It's a pretty cool gadget. Do I know half of its capabilities? No. Do I know I may be No. One or two percent, but it's what I need. It's what works for me to say that I'm not tech savvy. No, I don't know everything that my phone does when I hear something that's interesting. That sounds cool, huh? Maybe I'll learn it. Maybe I'll figure it out. Don't say you're not tech savvy because you don't know everything about your phone.


There are so many things that we could learn in life about technology, about history. Earl loves history. Ask him anything about World War Two. He could probably tell you the date in the time and who was there. As we are creating our whatever ventures, as we are taking these tiny steps to create something to put out into the world, to make our contribution to the world, we will learn what we need to learn as we go. We are tech savvy at the level we need to be, maybe a little bit less.


Maybe that's part of our journey, because that was what led me into the second part of this rant about being enough. In general, we are enough. We have everything that we need in this moment to do whatever it is we want to do to contribute to the world. I believe that with my whole being, what it means is that we have the potential, we have the opportunities, we have the mines, we have the relationships. We are enough in this moment to embrace the power of the word.


Yet yet is so future thinking instead of saying, whining, complaining, using as an excuse. I'm not tech savvy. Change your words, change your thinking, change the way you feel about it and think, wow, I don't know this technology yet, but I will I will learn what I need to do because, my gosh, there are so many gazillion resources out there. I have a question. Google, it needs some video assurance about what you're doing.


YouTube has a video for you. There's probably a Facebook group on the topic. There are so many social media platforms that gives you access to people from all over the world with your interest who can answer your questions. All you have to do is understand that you're not there yet. So many people use the. I'm not enough. I'm not good enough. I'm not smart enough. I'm not thin enough. I'm not enough. Enough, enough about that.


OK, you are enough. You have everything you need. What you don't have is the courage to take the step outside of your comfort zone so that you can learn the answers and reach that yet point. My friend Mike Harris always says, expand your comfort zone in order to expand your comfort zone, you need to take that first step outside of it. You need to acknowledge something that you don't know, something that you can't do. And you take that first hesitant, reluctant, perhaps step to gaining that skill, learning that skill, doing something that's uncomfortable for you, because it's something that you want, something you believe that you can do.


You just don't know how to do it yet. And the amazing thing is, as you learn the smallest skills, technical or otherwise, that is when your comfort zone begins to expand, when people in these forums really get me riled up and they keep saying they're not tech savvy. And even some of the podcast hosts that I listen to, Amy Porterfield, will talk about not being tech savvy. And it drives me crazy because she has so many skills and she may not actually be doing a lot of the technical aspect of her business anymore.


But when she first started, she was and she learned enough to be able to teach us what she knows. So just because there are things you still don't know, don't use the umbrella of I am not tech savvy drives me bonkers. How's this rant coming across? Am I making my point here? It relates to pretty much anything that you are attempting to do in life. I felt this way for a long time when Earl and I started hiking.


I didn't feel like a real hiker because I didn't have all of the cool gear. Gear does not define your your hiker status makes life a lot easier if you have the the higher quality lightweight gear. But that doesn't define you as a hiker. A hiker is someone who gets out there and hikes. But I didn't feel like I was enough. I felt like I wasn't meeting a standard and I hesitated to call myself a hiker. I didn't feel like I was enough.


I was out there in the woods fighting mosquitoes and black flies, climbing mountains, sweating like a dog. Why do dog sweat? Do you ever think about that? But I was hiking. Therefore, I was a hiker. If you are doing any aspect of something on it, claim it. It's OK to say I'm not where I want to be yet. I don't have all the knowledge and tools I, I want yet. But you keep building on it.


Keep expanding your comfort zone. One of the challenges and one of the reasons why this really drives me crazy and why it is such a sticking point for me when I hear people talk about not being tech savvy, it's because they don't do steps one, two, three, four and five because they're so worried about steps eight, nine and ten. I see this a lot in the groups that I'm in about writing. People want to write a book, they want to publish a book.


But you know what they're most concerned about? They don't know how to get an agent. They don't know how to get a publisher. You don't even have a flipping book yet. Write the book. Granted, once you get started in your established, you can do things on proposal and stuff. And yes, that is a possible way to do it. But if you're not spending your time researching and learning how to make those connections with those agents and those publishing houses, then stop complaining, do something, get out of your comfort zone.


You don't know how to get an agent yet. That's your assignment. But if you're a writer, I do hope that while you're doing that, you are also writing. If you are creating an online course, there's some contribution you want to make to the world and you want to create an online course. But I'm not tech savvy. Stop whining. The answers are out there. The solutions are so simple now. Yes, there's a learning curve.


There's a learning curve for everything. Do you remember learning how to tie your shoes? It probably took you many, many tries. And then there were many days, maybe weeks when your shoes kept getting untied. You figured it out. You will figure out the technology. There are resources out there to help you. Yes, you're going to need to invest your time. You're going to need to invest some money, but you're not there yet. But these things are all learnable.


And as time goes on, things are so much easier. They have wysiwyg, which is what you see is what you get EDS for four websites now. And yes, there's a learning curve. But once you figure it out the first time, the second time becomes easier. The third time's a whiz. You can do it. Don't let the technology hold you back. If there's any hobby, any interest you have out there, don't let the learning curve hold you back.


You may not be something yet. It doesn't mean you will never be that unless you never try. Unless you never step out of your comfort zone, unless you never expand your comfort zone, I don't consider myself to be fully tech savvy. I have a lot of knowledge, some of it scary. Some of it is. I'm so afraid I'm going to break things, but I give it a try and I go for it. Sometimes I break things, sometimes I don't.


And then part of my learning is figuring out how to fix it. But I'm out there and I'm trying. I'm learning new things. I'm challenging myself. I am feeling all of the frustrations that come with learning something. But I'm not sitting here behind my desk, behind my microphone saying, oh, I would, but I'm not tech savvy. I don't know enough. I'm not smart enough. I am smart enough. I will know what I need to know when I need to know it, because that's another thing.


When you have too much knowledge, sometimes it holds you back. It's overwhelming and it's scary. And you start thinking about the many pieces instead of just the next piece. You can look at a puzzle. I love making puzzles in the wintertime and you have a thousand pieces spread out on the table and you're thinking, oh my gosh, where do I even start? So what do you do? You look at the box and you find an area, a section of that puzzle that looks like, huh, OK, there's all red here.


So, you know, just to look for the red pieces and you start building from there and seeing what connects. And sometimes you're building three or four or five completely different sections of this puzzle. And then as you go along, you start to feel the rhythm and the colors kind of start to really almost intuitively come to mind. You can see things than just the slight subtleties and variations in color. And you start to get a sense, really, for me, it's an intuitive pull for how this puzzle goes together.


And that's what happens in this great whatever venture world that we're in as well. You may have two or three or four different pieces and you're not quite sure how they all fit together. But then slowly they start to come together. And that's exactly what happened for me with this podcast. When I started this as Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling, I really wanted to share my stories, my personal growth, things that I was still dealing with and struggling with.


I was also creating online courses and they were about how to find the time in your day to exercise, to do the things that you're passionate about. And I created courses on healthier habits for how to start changing the way that you're thinking, that you're talking to yourself, the lies you're telling yourself, the little actions, the five minutes a day you can spend to start becoming healthier. Notice the emphasis on the INR at the end, healthier rather than healthy.


It's progress. It's a progression of little choices. We're making that in the long run. In the long term, not a quick fix, but that over time will compound into the healthier results that we desire. Something as simple as not eating that 100 calorie snack a day over the course of a year will result in a ten pound weight loss. If nothing else changes, just not eating 100 calories will give you a ten pound weight loss. Likewise, if you think that insignificant little box of dark chocolate covered raisins, one of my favorite little snacks, 100 calories per box, little snack box, eating one box a day over the course of a year if nothing else changes results in a ten pound weight gain.


This is the basis of my whatever venture my contribution to the world is helping you realize that it's the small choices you make, the habits that you have every single day over time. These are what give you the results. These are why you have the life you have today. And if you want to have a different life next year, five years from now or ten years from now, you need to change your habits that you're living today. And you can do this with very small changes.


Now, if I were to take this vision that I have for myself, my whatever venture and my passion for this topic and say, oh, I want to do this, but I'm not tech savvy, I would be nowhere. I would still be living inside of my head thinking, oh, well, woe is me, I can't do what I want to do. Instead, I pulled up my big girl panties and I said, no, I am going to do this.


I am going to figure it out. I may not be tech savvy yet, but I am going to get there. And here's the thing. Learning how to do the first piece of technology gives you the. Courage and the confidence to take on the second piece of technology, and that gives you the courage to take on the third, and there were enough similarities so that what you've learned from the past is relatable to the present and the newer advances.


When I first developed a website way back in the early aughts, I think it was 2003, 2004, I purchased the Donna Doyon dotcom domain and I started my own website. Yikes. And I had to do HTML coding, which is hyper hypertext markup language I think is what it stands for. And I had to learn how to write computer code to make my website look the way I wanted it to look. And it wasn't pretty, but it got the job done and it was pretty exciting.


And then as technology changed and the improvements came along and more people wanted to create their own blogs and their own websites, the technology became easier and easier. Now, you don't need to code. You just need to have a little courage and a little confidence and faith in yourself that you can figure it out. You may not be tech savvy yet. The technology services that I use, the programs that I use, I am still tapping into a mere fraction, a small, tiny, tiny percentage of what they're capable of doing that.


I know that because just like I don't use the full capabilities of my Pixel three smartphone, I don't use the full capabilities of these other products. All I use are what I need. Even the software that I use to record this podcast. It's a program called Audacity. It's free. There are so many things you can do. There are probably four things that I use regularly as far as editing besides the cutting, the pasting, the deleting. I use the noise reduction and I use the fade in.


And I think that's pretty much about it, to try to make the quality of this podcast as good as I can get it. Are there other things that I could do? I'm sure there are. I don't know them yet. There are things that I have learned as I've gone along as I need to know something, I will learn it. I will find a way. And until then, good enough is good enough, just like you where you are right now in this exact moment, you are enough.


But if you lack the confidence and the courage, or if you fall back on to little excuses, wimpy excuses like I'm not enough, I'm not good enough, I don't know enough. You are enough. You have what you need to get started to take the next step. You need to pull up your big girl panties and you need to do it. Stop falling back on. I am not enough. I don't have enough. I don't know what to do.


You have within you the answers. All you need to do is pull up your big girl panties and look at that challenge and say, OK, it's time for me to figure this out. I don't know is not an answer. You know the answer. You're just resisting it in case you didn't know it. Big girl panties. They're lined with courage. Any time the words I am not pop into your head, you need to challenge them. You need to throw down the gantlet.


And said, I refuse to accept that. You can say I am not yet. And you point your finger with attitude at that. I am not. And you say you wait and see. You got it. I'm going to be that. I just am not there yet. But you just wait and then you let go of that. You never say that I am not again. Instead, when someone throws new terms, new technology at to a new way of doing things, you just smile and say, I'm not familiar with that.


I'll have to look into it. You don't have to take on every new bit of technology, any new skill, unless it's something that really appeals to you and you see how it will benefit you. One of the challenges there are so many out there, shiny object syndrome. Sometimes we get caught up in all of these amazing techno toys and tools and we start thinking, oh, but if I did this, no, stay focused, focus, focus.


The less focused you are, the more overwhelming all of these technical tools can seem. And yeah, it's no wonder you start thinking, oh, I am not tech savvy. Well, you know what? It is impossible to be tech savvy about every piece of technology out there, every system, every software solution. Pick one that will solve your immediate needs. And I did a podcast episode about this. I'll have to figure it out. I'll put it in the show.


Notes that you can find on a Doyon dot com forward, slash one three four mental note to self to put a link to that one where I talked about sometimes there are just so many decisions and so many decisions that we become paralyzed and we don't make a decision, make a decision, stick with one thing learned enough to serve your needs. I shared about Audacity, the recording software that I use for this podcast. I know so little about this, but I know how to record an episode.


I know how to edit an episode. I know how to save it and export it to MP3 file, which means nothing to you probably. But these were all things that were overwhelming and scary and I didn't know how to do until I did. Instead of limiting yourself by saying I am not whatever it is and accepting that as your truth, please. This week's rant, the purpose. Learn the power of the word. Yet I am not techno savvy yet.


I am not strong enough yet. I am not capable of doing this yet. You have a contribution to make to this world and you have so many gifts and so much potential in your heart is telling you that you have something to do and you are letting these. I am not enough thoughts determine how you feel about what you're supposed to be doing that impacts the actions you're taking and that impacts the results you're getting. I am not enough is not acceptable.


It's not the truth. Change that belief, add the power word yet allow yourself to grow into who you need to be to make the contribution you want to make to the world. It's powerful. I feel. I feel drained. I feel relieved. Hopefully this rant didn't come across as too wimpy. I hope you enjoyed. I hope you gained some new insight into yourself through this rant. And if you would like help with building your confidence and your courage, I invite you to check out Walk with Me.


This is my monthly walking membership program. Physical walking is a huge component of this program, but I also teach self coaching techniques as I tell people, when I started walking fifteen years ago, just walking was amazing. But what I've learned over the years is that while walking itself is amazing, it isn't the action of walking that changed my life. It's what goes on in my mind while I'm walking that changed and continues to change my life. If you're interested in learning more, check out Donna Doyon, dot com forward slash walk.


I would love to have you walk with me, but let's be clear about one thing. You do not need to be tech savvy to walk with me, but if you do need a little bit of help, I am right here, just an email away to give you all the support that I can. But for now, just to remember, you are enough exactly the way that you are. You're ready to take the next step in whatever venture you have going on.


If you're not feeling that confidence, just remember you're not there yet. And yet that is that's the journey. That is the fun and the frustration and the gloriousness of the journey you have ahead of you. If you enjoy listening to this podcast and you're ready to overcome your own doubts and fears so that you can step out of your current limiting roles and responsibilities and into your whatever venture potential you have to check out, walk with me. It's additional guidance on finding your way to the delightfully imperfect life of your dreams.


Check it out at Donna Doyon. Dot com forward slash walk. I'd love to have you walk with me. The music for this podcast is Drifting Upstream by Hyson.

Show Notes:

I hope you enjoyed the intermittent background music for this episode, courtesy of the neighborhood birds. I recorded this episode on a warm July morning and could not bring myself to close the windows. I wasn't fully aware of the how noisy they were until I was listening the playback and editing it. Ironically... if I were tech savvy enough, I would have known how to edit them out. HA HA HAHA

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