Donna Doyon - challenging women to adopt healthier lifestyle practices

If you live a seemingly “perfect” life…

You know…

A nice home, a decent job, solid relationships, and a good outlook on life… but you feel a smidgeon of dissatisfaction, a niggling restlessness, a sense that there is something more… you are right!

There is more!

There are things that you–and only you–can accomplish on this earth. Those things are your passion and your purpose.

And right now (yes, right now!) is the best time to focus your time, energy, and resources on them.

If you are ready to break some of the time and energy stealing habits of daily living and take advantage of these “pre-retirement years,” then please keep reading!

If you would like to:

  • have better physical and emotional health
  • have stronger relationships with family and friends
  • have a strong financial situation
  • have more time to focus on personal and professional goals
  • have the courage to express yourself creatively

then, my website may be EXACTLY where you need to be today.

Are you ready to become the you you have always wanted to be?

Not you the wife/partner. Not you the Mom. Not you the daughter. Not you the employee or boss.

I’m talking about YOU!

You as a unique and wonderful human being. The you who has given so much to everyone else in your world. The you who now has the chance to give even more, by becoming MORE you!

Are you ready to join me on this creative adventure?

Get started on your journey by heading to my “Start Here” page. You will find links to some of my most popular podcast episodes and blog posts. They can serve as a starting point for your journey.


if you want to learn a bit about me first, head over to my “About Donna” page.


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