More Tips to Help Declutter Your Home

“I need to declutter my home,” was a common statement among the women when I started my Facebook group, Start Today and Continue Tomorrow, last month.

I am so grateful to these women for opening my eyes to one of my own obstacles to success: Household clutter

In fact, it was such an epiphany that it was the topic for this week’s episode of my podcast, Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling. (Click here to listen.)

I was so inspired, I then I went on to quickly research some basic tips for decluttering my home. I admit, the tips I found were not anything I hadn’t heard or read before. If you’re like me and you’ve searched for the secret to a clutter free home, they probably won’t be anything new to you, either. That’s why I called it, “21 Everyday Actions to Overcome Everyday Clutter.”

While doing my overly simplistic research (research has never been one of my strong points), I did discover the secret.

Are you curious? Do you want to know what it is?

The secret is that YOU must take action to restore order.

I know, what a let down, right? If you were hoping your fairy godmother would come and pick up your dirty socks or neaten your dresser or heaven forbid clean a closet, you will be sorely disappointed. She isn’t showing up.

Sorry to break that news to you.


The good news is that YOU have it in your POWER to restore order to your home. You have the SUPER POWER to maintain that order!

I will not dissuade you from donning a cape while you do these amazing feats of bravery, honor, and chivalry.
So, how do you transform into the Clutter Buster?
First, YOU must commit to putting things back where they belong.

Second, YOU must accept that other people’s clutter is not your responsibility AND learn to not let it steal your focus.

No one ever said being a super hero was easy!

Let’s put on our capes and start using our POWER for clutter busting good.

Let’s look at our first step:

YOU must commit to putting things back where they belong.

Start today. Right this moment.

Do you have something in your hand or on the table/desk/chair in your immediate area that belongs somewhere else? How many minutes would it take you to put it away? One minute? Two? Go do it!

If it is within 5-feet (2 meters) of where you are sitting or standing and you see something that belongs somewhere else, pick it up and put it away.

Did you do that?

Why not? You say it’s because you’re reading this post? You promise you’ll do it when you are done with it?

Sorry, Clutter Buster, that is not good enough. Something will distract you (it always does).

Stop reading and go exert your POWER over clutter! I know you may never come back to me, but this is for the greater good: your goal achieving focus!

You’re back? So it’s done? Yay!

Take a look around you. Isn’t that better? Doesn’t it feel better? Are you smiling? You should be!

Tomorrow, I want you to do the same thing (only stand in a different spot). Don’t fret about the larger clutter piles you see. Grab one or two items from the pile and put them away (or donate or recycle or trash). Each day the pile will shrink.

Doing this daily will help you develop the simple habit of putting things away when you are done with them. You’ll see that it really does not take much time or effort to put things in their proper spots.

This is a slow and steady way to reduce clutter without being overwhelmed by the task.

The second step is more challenging:

YOU must accept that other people’s clutter is not your responsibility AND learn to not let it steal your focus.

This two-part process may be really difficult to accept, but it’s vital to your success as a goal achieving Clutter Buster.

Many times, we women think keeping order in our homes is OUR responsibility and no one else’s. If we are fortunate, we have supportive family members who put their own stuff where it belongs and help keep clutter to a minimum.

But that isn’t the reality for most of us.

What can we do about it? We can continue to obsess/lament over the lack of help with home organization or we can call upon our SUPER POWER to shield us from the impact of clutter generated by others.

We don’t have to let other people’s clutter encroach upon our peace of mind or our opportunities to spend time working on projects/tasks/goals that we’ve set for ourselves.

Your super hero blinders will help you stay focused on your own goals, without the distraction of someone else’s clutter.

Become your own SUPER hero today!

I mentioned the following declutter tips ALL THE WAY at the top of this post, so here they are again in case you didn’t take a peak at them:

Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling podcast, (Episode 12: Declutter Your Home & Declutter Your Life.)

My free tip sheet “21 Everyday Actions to Overcome Everyday Clutter.”

My Facebook group, Start Today and Continue Tomorrow, if you’d like some company and encouragement as you journey toward achieving your goals.

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