Let’s Take Over the World!

Memes make my day brighter. Some are so silly, that I can’t help but smile. Others are thought-provoking and cause me to reflect on my values, my goals, my choices. Still, others bring about an ah-ha moment in which the light bulb goes on above my head.

So many times I read a meme on Facebook, Twitter, or just when doing an online search, that the value of it stays with me for only a moment. Sometimes these memes bring me to a deeper, reflective level such that it lingers in my mind.

Today I’d like to share a meme, courtesy of Dr. Evil, from the Austin Powers movies, which made me chuckle–and then made me think.

It’s how I felt starting this new writing and podcasting (ad)venture. HAHA

Last week I wrote about how much I’ve learned producing my Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling podcast. There was so much for me to learn about the infrastructure required to create/build/maintain a blog and podcast. And so much more I need to learn about growing an audience.

It is both scary and overwhelming. It is also exciting (and holds great promise for world domination)!

On days when I feel overwhelmed, confused, and doubtful of my direction, I think about the people who have created the podcasts that I enjoy. They are my guiding stars. They provide direction and light. They are doing what I want to do.

Then I correct myself. They are doing what I AM doing. I have moved beyond the “want to do” stage into the “doing” stage. I remind myself that they were once trainees, too. They were once learning the tasks and experiencing the doubts, fears, and feelings of overwhelm that I am experiencing.

They kept developing their skills until they moved beyond the trainee stage. They did this by not quitting. They did this by not making excuses. They did this by keeping their focus and continually moving forward.

If I follow their example, I can become a role model for tomorrow’s trainees.

What are you working on that puts you in the “trainee” role?

  • If you ever feel like the results are not worth the effort, I assure you, they are. Remind yourself of “why” you are doing it (is world domination a good enough reason?).
  • If you experience doubts about what you are doing, that’s okay. Have doubts and keep moving forward despite them.
  • If people tell you you’re crazy for following your dream, don’t listen to them! I shared some tips on dealing with naysayers (whether real or imagined) in my podcast Episode 001: Inner Voices.

We can move beyond the trainee stage into the competent producer stage and then into the  I-can’t-believe-I’m-an-expert stage just by keeping it real, keeping it fun, and keeping it going. At that point, world domination is inevitable.

If you could dominate the world, what would the world be like? Share in the comments below.


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