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Donna Doyon - Inviting Myself to Grow

Ep137: Inviting Myself to Grow

  • July 30, 2019

The people in your life impact the way you think, believe, feel, and act. These people are either helping you live up to your potential or holding you back. If you aren't progressing like you want, take an inventory of who you spend the most time with.


Show Notes:

At about 37-seconds, I mentioned Skittles candy and wondered if the different colored candies tasted different. Apparently not. Colors and scents were added, but the candies themselves all taste the same. Who knew, right? 🙂

I mentioned attending Barbara Fe's workshops at The Studio at One Earth. Learn more about both:

I mentioned a couple of scenes from the movie Grease, starring John Travolta. Here are clips from the two scenes I mentioned. So funny! 

I think I called the coach in the movie Coach Muldoon, but his name was Coach Calhoun. I was close. 🙂

Near the end of the episode I talked about a previous episode about my Whatever Venture. Here's a link to Ep131: Amazing Whatever Ventures.

Learn about Walk with Me here ==> Walk with Me

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About the Author Donna Doyon

Donna Doyon leads the Healthier Habits movement, helping people go from feeling powerless to powerful by taking control of their daily habits. Through her online programs, and Finding My Way podcast, Donna challenges people to step out of their current limiting roles and responsibilities and into their Whatever Venture℠ potential.

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