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"Pay no attention" to that intention you've set... it may be a mirage. Call upon the light of the Divine to dispel the shadows and bring you home to an intention that brings you fulfillment.

This week's message inspired by The Enchanted Map oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Welcome to another episode of Finding My Way, a podcast dedicated to helping you shift your perspective about the good, the bad, and the best things in your life. Each week, I'll be calling upon the Wisdom of the universe to help you find magic in the mundane. This is episode 163, and I'm your host, Donna Doyon.

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This week's message is a bit of a pay no attention to that man behind the curtain kind of message. When I pulled these cards and I was reading the meanings of the cards in the guidebook, I tried to make sense of them. They were confusing me, and I had to take a deep breath and just sit with these cards, sit with the guide to book for a few minutes and allow myself to receive the message from my higher powers. It ended up being a really powerful message, and I hope that I can explain it well enough because it's really important. And that, I just realized, is my ego speaking. So I think I'm going to take a deep breath and allow the wisdom of the universe to flow through me so that I have the words that will make this week's reading really impactful for anyone that's listening. So I'm going to pause for a minute and take a deep breath. Okay. I feel much more grounded and tuned in with this week's message for you. This week, I'm going to be working with the deck, The Enchanted Map Deck by Colette Baron Reed. And as always, you can see pictures of the cards by checking out the show So it had been my intention as I was shuffling the deck to pull three cards from the top of the deck.

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That's my normal practice. Instead, as I was starting to pull those cards, I just got this little itchy feeling and I pulled cards from the center of the deck. I just fanned the cards out and I pulled three cards. I laid them face down on my table. When I went to turn the first card over, I realized there were two cards with it. And so instead of a three card reading, you have a four card reading. And this is how things got so confusing for me. So the first card that I pulled was the intention card. Now this is such a lovely card. This is a beautiful deck. I think all my decks are beautiful, and it has a pedestal out in a field of dandelion puffs. And I love dandelions. The imagery for me, for Dandelions, when I see them, I think of persistence. I think of strength, determination, fun, laughter, nutrition. I mean, dandelions have it all. On top of this pedestal is a big egg, like a huge ginormous egg, like the goose that laid the golden egg sized egg. And then there's an owl perched on top of it holding a whole dandelion puff in its beak.

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In the guidebook, the message with this card is deliberate clear intentions have the power to change your world. And it talks about the fact that you're hitting your Mark and it reminds you that you can't do it alone. Whatever your intention is, you need to allow for the synchronicity, for other people to get involved in, to help. And then it says, Own the life you want to lead and live deliberately, with clarity and detachment. Now, you may be thinking detachment. I want to enjoy, I would be attached to this life. When we talk about detachment, it means not to hold it so tightly that you're crushing it that you become fearful of losing it. When you can be detached from any outcome, anything that you have and not hold it so tightly, you're actually able to enjoy it and appreciate it more because you're not worried about it going away, because you know and you trust and you believe that if that goes away, there's only something better to replace it. Now, the card that was tucked behind this card, the intention card, was the Dry Desert card and it was reversed. According to the guidebook, when the Dry Desert card is reversed, it means that the subject of your inquiry is Baron and it can't give you anything right now.

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So this confused me. And this is another beautiful card. It has a woman standing out in the desert alone. She's looking off and she sees some Cactus cacti. There's a bird up in the sky. It's a cloudy sky, almost looks like there might be a Sandstorm brewing. So this Dry Desert card in reverse was behind the intention card. And that confused me because, okay, the intention card says, you have the power to change your world, you're hitting your Mark. Things are great. You can't do this alone, but allow the synchronicity. It's all going to come together. And then the Dry Desert card reverse says, Your inquiry is barren. There's nothing there, it's all a Mirage. And I thought, okay, this is going to be a hard reading. So we're going to get back to that, okay? Because when you draw multiple cards, they all lead to each other. They're all related back to that first card. So we're going to keep on with this story and not get too caught up in what that Dry Desert card might mean. So the next card that I pulled was the home card in reverse. And this card also has an owl on it.

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It has the front entrance to a home and there's a clock beside the door and there's a light and it's another beautiful card. Of course, it's a beautiful card and it was reversed. So reversed means that you don't feel at home, you're not feeling safe and secure there. Now, as I'm recording this, we're in the middle of the stay at home policies in many States, if not all of the States here in the United States about the coronavirus. And so we may be finding ourselves uncomfortable, not sure where we fit in. And the card in reverse reminds you to love yourself and create a new sense of safety and security. This is from the guidebook. It says to choose a new home, take refuge in knowing that beauty and a true sense of belonging lie ahead. Now, this may not be a physical home. Okay. Even though I just talked about the stark craziness many of us are experiencing with being stuck at home with our families. Yes, I said stuck. But in this sense, when we relate it back to that first card about our intention and then the hidden card that was OOH, that intention is kind of a Mirage.

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And we relate it to the reversed home card of who we are feeling comfortable and feeling safe within ourselves. When we relate it back to that intention, the original intention, perhaps that's why we're feeling unsettled. We have this intention. It's a lofty goal, perhaps something we want, but it still doesn't feel quite true to us. It's not a version of ourselves or our lives that we really want to settle into and call home. And the final card that I drew for you is the goblins card. And this is in a forest, and it's kind of a darkish card, but the background is very brilliant and bright, and you can see eyes and glimmers of these gobliny figures. And so what does the Goblin card have to say? So the Goblin is about fear, that fear is an illusion, and that it's important to choose love today forgiving yourself and others. The guidebook says goblins are born when you're wounded, and something essential is lost in that experience. From that point on, as you forget your wholeness they remain with you in the shadows. So these goblins, these are kind of the thoughts and beliefs that have been created because of something that happened that left you wounded, left you feeling hurt and unsafe, unprotected, vulnerable.

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Now, when you have a Goblin card, it indicates that you could be going into a situation where you are just going to react. You're going to lash out at someone. You're not going to be thinking clearly. You're just going to react because of the wound that created the Goblin. So getting the Goblin card is actually a great thing because it gives you that heads up. That okay. You may not be thinking and feeling rationally at the moment. You may be kind of owning some old wounds. It gives you that chance to take a step back and just pause and say, okay, what's really going on here? Am I overreacting to this situation? Is there something I can do differently? How can I approach this situation from a place of self love and compassion, as well as love and compassion for the other people involved? So it's a really good heads up card. Now, if we relate this back to our first card, the intention card, which is a false intention or an intention that is barren. It's a Mirage. It's not real. And take a look at that intention with this new clarity of the Goblin card.

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How much of that intention was set based on the wounds that you've experienced? Those things you've been holding on to, the resentments that you've been carrying around with you. And if you look at that intention instead, from a place of love and kindness, of creating this unique home for yourself, this place that's warm and inviting. Because we're going back to that second card. Well, third card, technically, but the second card that I thought was the second card, because right now the home that you're in, the card is reversed. It's saying you're not quite comfortable there. You're not quite feeling safe. It's not your dream home, but with the perspective of the Goblin looking at your shadow person, what you're keeping hidden based on the old wounds. And if you're opening yourself up to the love and the power of the divine, however, you label that the power of the divine can come down and it can turn your home card the right way so that you are living and embodying the life that you envisioned for yourself physically, spiritually, mentally within your body. Because the healing power of the divine can do that for you.

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And when you take that healing power and you shine that onto your intention, that's how you're going to see that it's a barren intention, the one that you have been holding on to allow the light of the divine to come through and shine on that intention card and reveal what's really there for you. The Oasis in the middle of the desert that really provides that place of sanctuary, of beauty, of thriving life in Oasis and intention that you couldn't access because you were consumed by the shadows of the goblins. So see what I mean about this being just such a profound and powerful message? I'm going to try to sum it up really quickly. Okay. What you have for an intention right now, take a look at it. Take a look at it from the perspective of home in reverse. Are you feeling comfortable and secure and protected in whatever vision you have for home? Are you feeling that when you apply it to your intention, take a look at the wounds and the emotions that you're dealing with, the goblins, the dark sides within you, how are they impacting this intention that you have for yourself?

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Now, let's clarify when I talk about intention. If you're experiencing these dark shadows of the Goblin and of the home in reverse, your intention may not be what you would consider an intention. It may kind of be the intention of life is hard. Life sucks. Don't want to live this life. The coronavirus thing, everyone being stuck at home. This sucks. And so your intention is to survive through this situation instead of thriving within it. So your attitude could be your intention of I'm just going to get through oh, I'm homeschooling my kids and this is a challenge. If there's a negative energy in your intention of just trying to get through. The divine wants so much more for you. The divine wants you to call down the light and invite it to help you because remember, the intention card says you're not on your own. You can't do this alone. When you call in the divine and the people in your life that elite workers that always lift your spirits and put a smile on your face when you allow them to help you get through these times when you allow them to help you grow from the darkness that you may be feeling the seclusion you may be feeling and allow all of that to become your intention deliberate, clear intentions.

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It has the power to change your world and you have the ability to do this. The only question that remains is are you willing if you enjoyed listening to.

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