Part 3: How to Make Your Own Vision Board

As promised, we are going to continue learning about vision boards. If you missed the first two posts in this series, here are links to what you missed…

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Today I’m going to give you some ideas on how to make your own vision board.

Decide what you want your vision board to represent. Focus on the feelings you want to convey as much as the things you want to acquire or achieve.

Gather your supplies. This is one of the most fun parts of creating a vision board. I love love love going to office supply stores or departments. I love trying different types of pens and colored pencils. I love looking at stickers and decorative paper. I love scissors that cut paper in patterns instead of straight lines. Don’t forget glue or double-sided tape.

You’ll also need a base for your vision board (or book). Thick poster board, a cork board or a foam display board are great for vision boards. Some people get more elaborate and use a piece of particle board padded with quilt batting and fabric. You may also choose to make a vision book. An artist’s sketch book or pad.

Select your images. For pictures, you can gather magazines or brochures. You can print pictures off the Internet. Look for pictures that represent the things you want, the lifestyle you want to live, the emotions you want to enjoy. Pick powerful images that resonate with you, that speak to your soul.

Crop the images as needed to best suit your desires. Use decorative scissors to create unique shapes. Use solid or decorative colored papers as a backdrop or frame for your images.

Select your words. Capture powerful thoughts and affirmations thru motivational quotations. Choose adjectives that are meaningful to you–ones that express your desires. Choose verbs that propel you to take action.

You can piece-meal quotations with letters/words cut from magazines (like a ransom note) or you can handwrite them on a piece of decorative paper. You can type them into a document using a creative font and print it out.

Start creating magic by putting images and words together. Place them on the poster board or on the page of your book and move them around until they are pleasing to your eye–and your spirit. If something doesn’t seem to fit, move it. If it doesn’t fit, replace it with something else.

Secure these pieces to the board or page. Use tape, glue or pins to secure each piece of your vision board in place.

Place your completed vision board in a prominent location. Your vision board should be positioned someplace where you can see it and enjoy it often.

Your vision board should make you smile on the toughest day. Your vision board should make you take a deep breath, sigh, and relax with the thought of that future.

Your vision board is a creative and powerful tool in helping you experience the future you want.

Next week I’ll cover the pieces that many people miss when using a vision board.

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