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Donna Doyon - Healthier Habits Starter ProgramHey there! I’m Donna Doyon…

I help women on either side of 50-something adopt a “small-changes, common-sense” approach to living healthier and happier

If you are ready to break some of the time and energy sapping habits of daily living, and start taking advantage of your pre-retirement years, then please keep reading!

If you would like to:

improve your physical and emotional health

 improve your relationships with family and friends

have the confidence to express yourself creatively

have the time to focus on personal goals

have the courage to start your own business

then, you are EXACTLY where you need to be today.

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Go from feeling powerless to powerful by taking control of your daily habits.

A No Shame, No Blame approach to living your best life.

Make simple changes to your current approach to life to achieve healthier and more fulfilling results. Leave your choices of the past behind, so you can be present in the moment and focus on the future.

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