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Category Archives for Gratifying Goals

Ep009: Changing Your Direction

  • February 21, 2017

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” ~Lao TzuIf you would like support and guidance as you change directions in your life, please join my Facebook

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How Do You Measure Success?

  • February 16, 2017

How do you know if you’ve successfully achieved a goal? Is the definition the same for every area of your life or do you have different definitions for different things? When setting and working

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Ep008: Start Today and Continue Tomorrow

  • February 14, 2017

Do you start and restart the same goals over and over again? Are you frustrated that life gets in the way of your dreams? Would you like to have a safe place to ask your questions, share your frustrations,

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Let’s Take Over the World!

  • January 26, 2017

Memes make my day brighter. Some are so silly, that I can’t help but smile. Others are thought-provoking and cause me to reflect on my values, my goals, my choices. Still, others bring about an ah-ha

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Learn New Skills to Achieve Your Dreams

When I decided to host a weekly self-development podcast, I had no idea how many new skills I needed to learn! I had a fuzzy idea of what the finished product would be, and I thought I could learn new

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How and When I Found My Voice

  • January 12, 2017

Do you have a vision for your future that just doesn’t go away? Do you feel like it is your destiny to do more than what you are currently doing? Do you resist the pull of that dream? I don’t

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Ep002 – A Formula for Success

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to do amazing things and other people can’t seem to get out of their own way? If you find it difficult to make changes in your life, today’s episode

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Happy twenty-seventeen!

  • January 1, 2017

“My goal for 2017 is accomplish the goals of 2016, which I should have done in 2015 because I promised to do them in 2014 after planning to do them in 2013.” Does this sound like you? Are you

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Yikes! What was I thinking?

  • December 22, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!We are all crazy busy (and hopefully productive) with the holidays and end-of-year activities at our jobs. We are spending more time with family and friends–a

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A Journey of a 1,000 Miles…

  • December 1, 2016

begins with a single step.” ~Lao Tzu   December 1st. It isn’t the new year, but it is a day of new beginnings for me. It’s exciting! Today marks my website re-launch date. I still

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