Join us in continuing our conversation on the topic of Limiting Beliefs for the month of November.

Inspired Connections
Do you ever feel so caught up in your day-to-day roles and responsibilities that you feel like you are missing out on something truly special? Do you feel like you have a life’s purpose, but are not moving closer to achieving it?
Inspired Connections is for people who are ready to question the way they think, feel, and act, so that they can become the version of themselves who can fulfill their life’s purpose. It’s for people who want to connect with others who are asking the same questions, facing the same challenges, and overcoming similar obstacles.
Each Inspired Connection session will begin with a thought-provoking or heart-stirring reading from healers, philosophers, scientists, and self-development leaders of the past and present. Let’s chat about how their wisdom can serve us on our life’s journeys.
November – Limiting Beliefs. What are they and how they keep you feeling safe, but unfulfilled. We’ll talk about how to spot them and how to disrupt them.
December – Personal Boundaries. What are they and why we need them. We’ll talk about healthy vs unhealthy boundaries and how to make sure our boundaries are serving our greater good.
Each session will be somewhat fluid, based on the needs and energy of the participants. Inspiration will guide us and move us toward a more enlightened state of being.
Expect your current perspectives to be challenged, your beliefs to be questioned, and your life to be forever changed.