Ep026: Books Contain the Answers You Need

Anyone who has known me for long, knows I enjoy reading. I enjoy fiction for relaxation and non-fiction for self and business development.

Books were a key part of my relationship with my kids when they were little. They became more important as my children grew into teenagers. I loved seeing my children read and would frequently ask if I could read their books when they were finished.

This accomplished a few things:

  1. It showed them that I was interested in what they were interested in. We’d have great discussions after I finished reading their books.
  2. It taught them both the importance of not spoiling books (or movies) for someone who hasn’t read/seen them yet. 🙂
  3. It opened my eyes to genres and authors that I probably would not have explored on my own.


I’d love to know what you are reading these days. Please share your titles and authors in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Ep026: Books Contain the Answers You Need

  1. I agree with you and share book between my kids as they grew up. They still read for relaxation and enjoyment. I recently was gifted a book from my som. American Gods, Neil Gaiman. Fiction novel. (Fantasy) I love it.

  2. I’ll add that book to my list, Mary! I’m glad your kids still like to read and benefited from the connection books can provide.

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