Ep015: Do You Focus on Important or Not Important Activities?

“What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” ~ Dwight D Eisenhower

Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? Do you wonder why your friends or co-workers can get so much accomplished, and you can’t seem to get anything done?

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with all that you have do on a daily basis. It can be hard to feel like you have any choice but to keep toiling away like you do every single day.

But you do have a choice. You do have the power to make the changes needed to become more productive.

Matrix showing Important vs Urgent Quandrants

When you are ready to start making changes in your life so you can spend time and energy working toward your goals, use this matrix to help you determine where you are currently spending your time and energy.

It is within your power to change your results by changing your focus. Strive to live in Quadrant 2.

It is where happily ever after lives.

In which quadrant do you spend most of your time? Are you ready to move into a more productive one? Share you thoughts in the comments box below.

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