Challenge Yourself to Learn Something New

Let me ask you something…

When you start learning a new skill or pursuing a new activity, do you hesitate to share that information with your closest friends or family members?

You do? Phew! I was afraid it was just me!

Why do we do that? Why do we hesitate to share the exciting parts of our lives with others?

And few things are as exciting as the adrenaline rush of exploring a new passion!

Do we hesitate because we’re afraid we’ll fail at the new skill? Are we afraid that people will laugh at us and tell us “that is so NOT you”? Are we afraid that we’ll have to justify our interest in an activity that may seem frivolous to others?

Whatever the reason, sometimes we hold our interests and goals close to our chests. We don’t let the universe help us and encourage us.

Today, I encourage you to change that mindset by sharing with you a personal challenge that I am undertaking.

Here’s the background story: I know it’s too late to keep this short, but I’ll try not to make it too long. 🙂

Part of my grand plan for my business (see how I’ve grown? I’m actually calling my blog/podcast a business now) is to create short video clips of encouraging messages.

Sounds easy, right? What’s the problem?

The problem is that I don’t like having my picture taken. I don’t like seeing myself in videos.

Yikes! That’s a big mindset block!

So how does one deal with a conflict between the present reality and the future vision?

One gets to work on changing the present reality!

This week I challenged myself to record and publish one short video message each day. My goal is to become comfortable talking to a webcam.

Today, I’m sharing three short videos that I recorded this week.

Yes, it’s scary to show them, because they are far from perfect. What they are, though, is a start!

And like most things I do when it comes to goal achieving–I am looking for progress, not perfection.

I will add Thursday and Friday’s videos to this post as they are recorded and uploaded to YouTube.


One of the cool things about learning a new skill is looking back after a period of time and recognizing how far you’ve come. These first videos will be *fingers crossed* future laughable moments.

I like the idea of spending time each day to practice this new skill of becoming comfortable talking to a camera. Daily exposure helps keep the stress and anxiety levels a bit lower for me.

What about you? How do you approach learning a new skill or improving a current one?

Would a daily challenge help you make quick progress toward improvement? Give it a try and share your challenge AND your results with the people in your world!

I would love to help support and encourage you as you pursue your dreams and achieve your goals. My Facebook group Start Today and Continue Tomorrow is a great place to start! Join me today!

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