Goal Setting Tip: Combine Your Errands to Free Up Time

Does this sound like you?

You leave work and realize you need to stop at the grocery store for some cat food. You arrive home and realize you also needed (desperately needed) toilet paper.

So out you go again. This time you head to the department store where you purchase other items, too.

The next day you leave work and realize you need to swing by the ATM machine because you forgot to get some extra cash when you were at the grocery store OR the department store.

Each of these errands eats up valuable time in your day.

This week’s goal setting tip addresses the benefits of batching like errands together to free up precious time in your day.

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Goal Setting Tip: Have a Powerful Motivating “Why”

Setting goals is easy.

You determine a change you want to see in your life and you declare it a goal.

Achieving that goal is not always easy.

There are many factors that help and hinder your progress toward achieving your goals. One of the best ways to help you achieve that goal is to have a strong motivational “why.”

In this week’s goal setting tip, I talk about a recent goal I achieved, but then had difficulty maintaining. I finally realized that the “why” that helped me focus on this goal, no longer applied.

To remain focused, I needed to find another, equally motivating, “why.”

What’s your goal, and what’s your “why”? Is your motivation strong enough to help you resist temptation? Is it powerful enough to silence your critics (internal and external)?

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Goal Setting Tip: The Method is Not the Goal

You would think I’d know better by now.

After all, I have been setting and achieving goals for many decades.

But some days, I still don’t get it right. 🙂

In this week’s goal setting tip, I am once again focusing on the plank challenge that Earl and I started together. I have learned so much from this challenge about goal achieving!

Here are links to the other two videos I did based on the plank challenge.

The saga begins…

The saga continued…

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Has your goal killed your motivation?

Have you ever set a goal, actively pursued it, and then totally fell out of love with it? I have. And I talk about it in this week’s goal setting tip.

It all started about a month ago when Earl and I started a 90-day plank challenge…

I don’t know why we sometimes pick goals or challenges that aren’t a good fit for us. Sometimes we can rise above the struggles and accomplish great results. Other times, like with this plank challenge, we lose our drive to succeed. The goal ends up working against us.

In those cases, making a logical choice to stop attempting it may make the most sense. It may actually be our best course of action!

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My Leaky Tub Put My Goals at Risk

Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of achieving your goals? Or I suppose the better question to ask is this… “Don’t you hate it when you LET life get in the way of achieving your goals?”

In this week’s goal setting tip, I share a home maintenance situation (the subject line give you a clue as to what it is) that is trying to steal my attention… it’s trying to divert my focus from what I planned to accomplish today.

What do you do when life throws distractions at you?

  • Do you let them completely derail your goal achieving progress?
  • Do you close the closet door on them so you can focus on something else?
  • Or perhaps you’re like me and you keep ignoring the situation until you finally HAVE to deal with it.

I’d love to know how you’d handle similar situations.