Ep029: Shiny Object Syndrome – Send out the S.O.S.

Shiny objects… what are they and how are they impacting what you accomplished yesterday and what you hope to accomplish today?

In this week’s episode, I talk about the distractions that steal our attention from tasks or opportunities that we’d previously chosen and committed to focusing upon.

It’s time to stop letting “shiny objects” break down our spirits and steal our enthusiasm for our own success. What are some shiny objects you’ve pursued (and how did it work out for you)? I’d love to read your stories in the comments box below.

Ep027: Give Your Life Story a Title

Imagine writing your life story. What are the most important accomplishments you’ve experienced? What are the challenges you’ve overcome? What have been the high and low points that have made you the person you are today? What title would you give your book?

Next. imagine if someone else wrote about your life?

Now, now… don’t tell me you are boring and there is nothing to say about your life. I know that is not true!

You’ve made an impact in this world. And the reality is, just because something may seem small to you, doesn’t mean it’s small to someone else!

So… back to the question… if someone else were looking at your life, from the outside, what would they write about? What would they call your life story?

In this week’s episode, we explore this topic. Have a listen…

What did you decide? What would the title be on your autobiography? What would someone call your unauthorized biography? 🙂  I’d love to read them in the comments below.

Ep026: Books Contain the Answers You Need

Anyone who has known me for long, knows I enjoy reading. I enjoy fiction for relaxation and non-fiction for self and business development.

Books were a key part of my relationship with my kids when they were little. They became more important as my children grew into teenagers. I loved seeing my children read and would frequently ask if I could read their books when they were finished.

This accomplished a few things:

  1. It showed them that I was interested in what they were interested in. We’d have great discussions after I finished reading their books.
  2. It taught them both the importance of not spoiling books (or movies) for someone who hasn’t read/seen them yet. 🙂
  3. It opened my eyes to genres and authors that I probably would not have explored on my own.


I’d love to know what you are reading these days. Please share your titles and authors in the comments below.

Ep025: Perspectives Change Everything

How do you see the world around you? Do you look at it from a positive perspective or do you focus on the negative? Do you give people the benefit of the doubt for their choices and behaviors or do you pass judgment upon them?

Perspectives change everything. In today’s episode, I challenge you to look outside your own frame of reference and try to see the world from someone else’s point of view. It isn’t as easy as it may sound.

Ep024: Learning from Our Mistakes

We all make mistakes. We need to remember, though, that our mistakes and bad decisions do not define us. We also need to learn how to accept our mistakes, learn from them, and then move on.

Show notes:

Two questions to ask yourself when evaluating a decision:

1. How did it work out for you?
2. What could you do differently, if the results were not what you’d hoped for?

I also referenced Episode 017: Willpower, Discipline, and Habits.