Ep054 – 3 Steps to Living a More Active Lifestyle

Do you talk about becoming more physically active? Do you do anything about it?

Lack of time, too much to do, tried and failed, or feeling too old are just some of the excuses people make for not being physically active. You CAN be more physically active in just 5 minutes a day. Your health, happiness, and future depend on it.

As we celebrate the New Year, don’t just make a flimsy, half-hearted resolution to become more active or to improve your health. This year, do something about it.

These 3 steps will get you started.

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Show notes:

As promised… here’s a link to Episode #2 – A Formula for Success (A + B = C)
Ep002: A Formula for Success

Also, here are links to the Healthier Habits Habit Tracker

A free, easy-to-use habit-tracker

and my Free 10-Day Healthier Habits Starter Program.

Healthier Habits Starter Program

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Ep052: Find What Works for You

With the changing of the seasons, I knew I was going to have to eventually change from my outdoor running program to indoor workout DVDs.

Most years, I resist the inevitable and allow myself to delay plans, as I keep hoping for that sunny, mild day, when I can go for a 2 or 3 miles walk around the neighborhood. After two or three weeks, though, I finally accept the reality, that my running season is over.

This year, I didn’t allow myself that “grace” period. After one nuisance snowstorm that left the roads and sidewalks icy, and a weather forecast of low temps and high winds, I knew it was time to make the switch.

In this episode, I talk about a fitness instructor that inspires and motivates me to exercise. I also talk about why her style is not suitable for everyone AND encourage YOU to learn what works for you, and then let it work for you!


Show Notes:

I talked about Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home collection of fitness DVDs. Learn more at: http://walkathome.com/

I found a free 1-mile walk on YouTube here: 1 Mile Happy Walk

Is there something that works for you, but that other people sometimes scoff at or try to minimize its value? I’d love to know about it. Share it in the comments.

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Ep051: Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in My Head

Sugar cravings. Do you experience them? Do you feel the energy surge when you eat sugar, and the energy crash when you don’t? In this episode, I share some tips on how to handle those sugary cravings when they strike.

I also penned a special holiday poem for the intro story. 🙂

Show Notes:

I have been going LIVE (Yikes!) on my Facebook page with tips for successfully navigating the holiday season.

How to stay healthier thru the holiday

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Become More Physically Active

Did you resolve to be more physically active way back in January?

Do you see the end of this year coming so quickly and think, “Yeah, I did about as well as I did in 2016… and 2015?”

It’s not too late!

There is STILL time to become more physically active in 2017!

In this bonus episode of Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling, I encourage you (okay, I challenge you) to accept my invitation to participate in my FREE 10-day Healthier Habits Starter Program. You CAN become more physically active in JUST 5-minutes a day. Pinkie swear!

AND because you are committed to increasing your daily level of physical activity, I’m going to throw in a couple of bonuses to stay on track.

Bring on 2018! You’ll be more active by the time it gets here!

You can sign up at: www.donnadoyon.com/active

Ep050: Take Intentional Action


Occasionally, we need to look at the actions we are taking and our intentions with those actions. We need to look at where we are and where we want to go. We have to decide whether the actions we are taking are the best actions to be taking.

In this week’s episode, I talk about getting a lazy, late start to my day. As I moved thru my day, I somewhat processed my feelings of overwhelm, uncertainly, and restlessness about the path I would like to take in my business.

Perhaps these ramblings will help you take a closer look at your actions and your intentions.

P.S. I do think it was a bit more rambly than usual. HA HA