Ep030: The Wonders of Water

One morning I awoke to the sound of rain hitting the skylight above my bed. The rain didn’t leave me feeling discouraged or bummed about the rainy day ahead of me. Instead I became more aware of the wonders of water.

From the soothing sound of rain on the window panes, to the comforting sound of a toilet flushing, to the refreshing taste of a thirst-quenching gulp–water is a wonderful and amazing gift.

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Ep026: Books Contain the Answers You Need

Anyone who has known me for long, knows I enjoy reading. I enjoy fiction for relaxation and non-fiction for self and business development.

Books were a key part of my relationship with my kids when they were little. They became more important as my children grew into teenagers. I loved seeing my children read and would frequently ask if I could read their books when they were finished.

This accomplished a few things:

  1. It showed them that I was interested in what they were interested in. We’d have great discussions after I finished reading their books.
  2. It taught them both the importance of not spoiling books (or movies) for someone who hasn’t read/seen them yet. 🙂
  3. It opened my eyes to genres and authors that I probably would not have explored on my own.


I’d love to know what you are reading these days. Please share your titles and authors in the comments below.

Ep021: The 5-Day “Reclaim Your Time” Challenge

Time management. There are books written on the topic; classes taught on the topic. It is something most of us want to become better at, but yet we don’t have the time or take the time to figure out a better way to do things.

In today’s episode I am introducing a new audio challenge program that will soon be released (hopefully it will be available upon publication of this episode) to help you reclaim some wasted time in your day. The goal is to free up 30 to 60 minutes each day so you will have time to consistently pursue activities to improve your health, relationships, or overall sense of satisfaction with your life.

The time to reclaim your time is now!

Show notes:

If you would like to participate in The 5-Day “Reclaim Your Time” Challenge, please fill in the boxes below. The course is ready–I think. I hope! 🙂

You might also benefit from my Start Today and Continue Tomorrow Facebook group. It’s a place for goal-getters to receive support and encouragement when life gets in the way of achieving our greatest dreams. I’d love to have you join us!


Is Your Lifestyle a Healthy One?

What exactly is a healthy lifestyle? Is it a one-size fits all existence? I surely hope not. If being healthy means I have to eat broccoli and carrots, well, I don’t want anything to do with it.

Hiking Donna - healthy lifestyle

So many people talk about doing cleanse diets, fad diets, and assorted other diets. They think that if they follow these short term, quick result plans they will magically be deemed “healthy.” Unfortunately, that isn’t reality.

These fad diets may help you lose a few pounds, but they won’t provide the long-term benefits of a nutritional, well-balanced diet. Your body won’t receive the nutrients it needs to be strong and to function well.

Likewise, you can’t expect the occasional exercise session to keep your body fit. Muscles need to be used regularly in order to retain their strength, flexibility, and tone.

The easiest way to be healthy and fit is to “act as if” you are healthy and fit.

It’s the old “fake it til you make it” strategy.

Acting as if you eat healthy foods, means those healthy choices may not be your preferred choice, but because you are acting as if you are a healthy eater, those are the foods you eat. That means fresh fruits, vegetables (as many as you can tolerate), lean proteins, and an appropriate level of carbohydrates.

You know the better food choices you could be making. You know which processed foods, sugary foods, and fatty foods do support a healthy lifestyle. The challenge comes in making the better choice.

But let me tell you a secret… once you’ve started eating healthier, you start to feel better physically and mentally. It’s amazing that you really can feel the difference! But the choice is always yours. You can fall for the fad diets and quick cleanses or you can start making healthy choices.

As far as exercise goes, over the course of a day you have many opportunities to strengthen your body. Time cannot be used as an excuse. Spend five minutes doing planks in the morning; take a 10-minute walk at lunchtime; or do squats or lunges while watching your favorite TV show in the evening.

Hopefully, if you are not currently enjoying a healthy and fit lifestyle, you will make a conscious choice to pursue one now. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and high pressure. It doesn’t have to be expensive.  just a series of simple choices, made

A healthy lifestyle is just a series of simple choices, made every day. It’s making your health a priority. It’s breaking bad habits and developing new ones. It’s celebrating the gift of your body and the promise of future good health.

Do you want to keep chasing the latest fads or do you want to enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle? The choice is yours.

Join me in the Start Today and Continue Tomorrow Facebook group. We can become and remain healthy and fit together!


Ep010: The Jar of Life

How do you manage your time and energy each day? Do you have enough of each to be sure the important things in your life are taken care of? Do you know how to identify the important things from the less important and the insignificant?

Today, I share the story of The Jar of Life and challenge you to make sure you are fitting the most important things into your life.

I start the episode by sharing my own version of the Jar of Life, with a tale of fitting everything I need for winter camping into my suddenly-it-seems-so-small backpack.

Donna with a pile of camping gear that MUST fit in that tiny pack!

How do you fit a tent, a cold weather sleeping bag, winter snow clothes, food, first aid supplies and more into a pack?

Loaded backpack

You start with the biggest items first. Then pack the rest in and around the big stuff.

If you need help figuring out how to stuff everything you want to do into a 24-hour period, please join my Facebook group Start Today and Continue Tomorrow. We are a group of like-minded people who are sharing our goals, struggles, and successes to ensure that we accomplish all we’d like to do.