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Category Archives for Gratifying Goals

Ep105: The Risks and Benefits of Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • December 25, 2018

Last week, I talked about what personal boundaries are, why we need them, and how to know when your boundaries are being threatened or violated. This week, in Part 2, I talk about the risks and benefits

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Ep103: How to Check in With Your Daily Routine

  • December 11, 2018

The transition from a recovering ugly duckling continues… This week we look at your daily routine to determine if you are doing things “right” and to see if you can make adjustments to

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Ep094: A Witness to What Matters

  • October 9, 2018

Do you recognize greatness when you see it? Do you appreciate the synchronicity that sometimes must occur in order for that great act to happen? Do you get caught in the ego-centered trap of wondering

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Ep092: Be Kind to Yourself

  • September 25, 2018

When you just aren’t feeling “it,” when it comes to accomplishing a task, do you push thru the pain, give in to the desire to skip it, or beat yourself up no matter which choice you make? Here’s

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[Video] Exercise Trackers and Fitness Apps

  • August 21, 2018

People frequently ask me what I think about exercise trackers and fitness apps. Here are my thoughts on the topic.

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Ep085: Show Up in Life

  • August 7, 2018

Do you ever experience the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress? A churning stomach, a headache, nausea? Do you claim those symptoms as being sick to avoid going somewhere, doing something, or meeting

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Ep081: Sometimes Life is Hard

  • July 10, 2018

Today, I share another adventure that Earl and I had on the hiking trails in New Hampshire. Sometimes, even when you know an activity will be hard, it surprises you just how hard it is. It’s important

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Ep080: Unpack Your Fears

  • July 3, 2018

As you are working to transform your dreams into your reality, you may find yourself weighed down with some unnecessary baggage. Today we talk about how fear can be holding you back and slowing your progress.The

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Ep077: Trust Your Gut

  • June 12, 2018

Have you ever had an idea and then tucked it away for “some future time”? Perhaps you thought the timing was wrong or that no one would buy into it? When you trust your gut, and take action

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Lies We Tell Ourselves to Avoid Being Healthier

  • April 19, 2018

This bonus episode was recorded live as part of my new Your Mid-Week Retreat series. You can listen to the recording (or download it to listen to it later) or watch it:The music for this podcast

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