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Ep097: The Silliest Name in Social Science

Some people think the Law of Attraction is overly simplistic, unrealistic and that positive visualization is flawed.

This week, I share my discovery of WOOP, a negative visualization practice, that actually fits in with the LOA principles I’ve been practicing in my daily life.


Show Notes:

The article that led to my ah-ha moment: How to Get Motivated (And Stay That Way) – by Brady at

My podcast episode 47 that caused Brady to contact me Ep047: When Motivation is Lacking

The music for this podcast is Drifting Upstream by Hyson.



Ep094: A Witness to What Matters

Do you recognize greatness when you see it?

Do you appreciate the synchronicity that sometimes must occur in order for that great act to happen?

Do you get caught in the ego-centered trap of wondering why you aren’t part of the greatness around you?

What if your role is simply to be a witness?

Show Notes:

Watch THE VIDEO that inspired today’s episode.

Honor Your Health Meets Hair Matters during a Facebook Live broadcast

Key info

  • Info on a wefting machine (4:11)
  • Costs to clients (4:50)
  • Using the clients own hair (5:15)
  • Hair donation guidelines (6:20)
  • Goal for the wefting machine and how to donate (7:00)
  • See how long Karen’s hair was BEFORE she donated 11″ to Hair Matters (10:50)
  • Meet Hair Matters’ first consultant from Salon by the Sea in Wells, ME (12:00)
  • Vision for the Future (12:50)
  • The process of making a hair donation (13:50)
  • Learn about Karen’s book Honor Your Health (22:40)
  • More about the wefting machine (25:25)
  • See my Salty Girl Beauty makeover 🙂 (29:20)


Meet the Wizards:

Karen Creamer, author of


Facebook: Metaphysical Nurse


Debby Porter, Founder and CEO of Hair Matters.

Hair Matters helps people facing cancer-related hair loss with professional salon services and support in a non-medical setting. This is a non-profit 501c3 organization so all donations are tax deductible.


Facebook: Hair Matters


Marie Sola, Founder of Daughters of Change

Daughters of Change recognizes, encourages, and supports women who are creating positive change in the world around them.


Facebook: Daughters of Change


Becky, makeup artist at Ocean Waves Salon, 37 Ocean Street, South Portland, ME.


Salty Girl Beauty makeup – (Use this link and a portion of the sale will be donated to Hair Matters!)

The music for this podcast is Drifting Upstream by Hyson.


Ep071: Create Your Presents thru Your Presence

Exploring and expressing yourself creatively is a gift that you can give to the world. Use today to begin or continue creating a legacy that will impact the world.

Included in this episode, the first public reading of my poem “The Fragrance of Good Health.”

Show Notes:

Here’s a link to the wonderful writers group I joined on Facebook: The Writers Room with Annie Mathias

The music for this podcast is Drifting Upstream by Hyson.

Ep069: Be Your Own Garden

Personal development is similar to a flower garden. You can add more color, texture, height, or depth to it.

If your life feels too calm and comfortable, you can replace or add activities that offer more excitement and fun. If your life feels too overwhelming and chaotic, you can replace or add activities that restore order and peace.

Sometimes these changes may last for only a short season, other activities may be part of your life for decades.

It’s your life. Fill it with activities that make you feel fresh and alive. Fill it with people who make you feel loved and cherished.

Show Notes:

Here’s a picture of my beautiful Hibiscus. The overhang from the window forces them to lean out away from the protection of the house. It has been my “plan” for the past many years to move them to the side of my condo, where they will be better supported. But even though I have neglected to do this, they thrive each year.




This is my collection of gGardening inspired stories to help you grow a new perspective and love of self





After the Show Video:


The music for this podcast is Drifting Upstream by Hyson.

A Bee in my bonnet…

Have you ever gotten the proverbial bee in your bonnet about something? Mind you… this bee doesn’t have to be an angry biting bee… it could be a gentle, kind, buzzing bee who wants to make sure you know it is there, so you can release it whenever it is convenient to do so.

Oftentimes for me, these types of bees represent something creative. I have a thought, a story, a message that I want to share with others. I express that creative idea in the form of a podcast episode, a video, a blog post, or an e-mail message.

Lately, however, my bonnet bee has been buzzing a different tune.

Lately, it has been encouraging me to express myself visually, thru drawing.

I’m guessing this bee became more vocal as I watched a friend explore creative expression thru acrylic painting.

I will admit this bee took up residence in my bonnet decades ago when my children were toddlers. I wrote stories for them, and illustrated them with photographs of their stuffed animals acting out the stories. This, of course, was extremely limiting for the actions these critters could take. (Although safety pins, tape, and string were amazing helpers!)

If I had been able to draw, I would have illustrated those stories myself. That is one of my (never before shared with anyone) dreams. To go back and illustrate those stories.


I’ve been thinking about learning how to draw.

Perhaps because I put this thought out into the universe, I saw an ad for Udemy course on something not about drawing, but that interested me. I clicked the link and was whisked off into the world of amazing courses. One of the top ones recommended was a drawing course.

Yupper doodle… right there… and on sale!

No, I did not buy it at that moment. I did, however, watch the preview videos and read the reviews.

I made a mental note of the title and decided to sleep on it.

I slept on the idea a second night, too.

And on the third day, I spent $11.99 on a drawing course.

Yesterday, I went to Michaels, the craft store, to buy some pencils and a sketch book. As I walked into the store, there was a rack of books. One book caught my eye: Art for Kids, Drawing: The only drawing book you’ll ever need to be the artist you’ve always wanted to be.

That’s a long title, but I thought two things…

1) If it was for kids, I could probably do it

2) I want to become the artist I always wanted to be

So I bought it…

Now I have my pencils, an eraser, a course, and a book to help me with my artist’s journey.

But guess what… I still haven’t drawn a thing!

To be fair… I only bought this stuff yesterday afternoon…

But we know what happens with best intentions, right?

We need to act quickly. We need to make new intentions part of our daily life.

That is why, I’m going to finish this story, grab my pencils and sketchbook, and go draw some straight lines, curvy lines, circles, and dots. According to artist/author Kathryn Temple, that’s all I need to know to be the artist I always wanted to be. I’ll set my timer for 15 minutes and see how it goes.

Is the today the day you can release that bee that has taken up residence in your bonnet? Are you ready to let it out so you can creatively express who you always wanted to be?



The exercise was to look at an object. and trace it with my eyes, while my pencil drew it on paper. Here you can see my version of my lamp, a bear puzzle, and the heater in my office.