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The Big Leap

In goal setting, as in life, our mindset plays a huge part in our level of success. I’ve been reading the book “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. It is a powerful read and has the potential to change lives if we let it.

In this week’s video I share an overview of the first couple of chapters. I cannot do this book and the messages justice, but hopefully I make you curious enough to check it out for yourself.

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Ep040: Facing Fear with the Power of Your Passion

FEAR: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. Which approach do you take when facing those nagging voices of fear that whisper in your ear?

Do you listen to them? Do you question them? Do you challenge them?

In this week’s episode of Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling, I share with you my struggle with FEAR.

Fear of success. Fear of failure. Fear of people talking about me. Fear of not measuring up. Fear of planning a party that no one will attend.

There are more types and levels of fear that I can list here. Some rear their ugly heads only in certain conditions. Others remain a constant presence in our hearts.

Fear can be vanquished, when we have the courage to face it.

This week I am challenging the voice that whispers, “What if no one comes?” as I invite you to join me in a new program I’ve developed.

If you are interested in improving your health, you are invited to participate in my Healthier Habits Starter Program. I’ve been planning this for months! I have some great tips and tricks to share to help you focus on the habits you can develop to become healthier and happier.

Click here for more information: << Healthier Habits Starter Program >>

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Ep039: Become Who You Want to Be

Sometimes an amazing thing happens when we are living our lives. We transform into the person we always wanted to be. Take a few minutes to think about who you were, who you are, and who you want to be.

It isn’t too late to start a new hobby, a new athletic endeavor or a new career. If you want to “be” someone else, now is your time to do it!

Have you paid attention to the transformations you’ve gone thru over the course of your life? Have you had identity shifts as you’ve walked your life’s path? I would love to hear about them, if you are interested in sharing them! Comment below with your greatest transformation story!

Each week I share another (hopefully) inspirational message to encourage and support you. If you’d like me to e-mail you a reminder when a new episode is published (every Tuesday morning), just fill in your name and e-mail below. I’ll take care of the rest. 🙂

Ep035: Living Your Lifelong Dreams

Do you have a lifelong dream? A dream that has been a part of you for so long that you don’t remember a time when you didn’t want to do it?

Perhaps your lifelong dream is to something unique or fun. Perhaps your dream is to meet someone you admire. Perhaps your dream is to see a specific place on this planet.

Whatever your dream, whether it’s practical or not… likely or not… do you have the courage of heart to pursue it?

In this week’s episode I share a couple of my lifelong dreams and offer ideas on how you can experience your own.

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Show Notes:

One thing that will help or hurt you on your journey to achieving your lifelong dream is a strong, determined inner voice. Other people may try to dissuade you using emotions or logic, but if you have a positive inner voice, you can ignore and move beyond those concerns. Listen to episode #1 (that’s how important it is) here:  Inner Voices.

One of my lifelong dreams was to write a book. My first book was a collection of short, lesson-filled stories (and so was my second book). You can learn more about my books here: Glow: Renew Your Spirit & Release Your Inner Beauty.

Another lifelong dream was to “jump out of a perfectly good airplane.” On August 4, 2012, I did just that. Here’s a link to the video proof.

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Ep032: My Secret Life as a Creative

Do you consider yourself creative? Do you actively pursue your creative interests? If you do… YAY!!

If you do… do you share your creative projects with others or do you create in secret like I do… er… did. 🙂

If you don’t, why don’t you? Are you concerned with what others might think or say? Have you been convinced that creative pursuits are a frivolous waste of time or money?

In this week’s episode I break free of a few of my self-imposed restraints so that I can freely share and celebrate my creativity.

I never really appreciated how much courage it can take to be a creative.

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