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Ep083: Honor Your Health

Reiki, aromatherapy, laugh therapy, healing gems, and more… that’s what Karen Creamer writes about in her new book Honor Your Health.

Today I share my story about not really being interested in the topic of Karen’s latest book, and what changed me into a fan. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

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This is the piece of Fluorite that I saw in the Lavish Earth shop in Westbrook, Maine.

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Ep079: Slow Down

When life is crazy busy and you are doing, doing, doing… that is the time to slow down. Take a look at the world around you. You may need to “unlearn” what you’ve been told about the way to success, but the transformation is powerful if you allow it to happen.

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This is the fence I saw when walking.




Isn’t it cute?




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Ep064: Weaving Self Care into Everyday Chores

If you have trouble fitting self care activities into your daily routine, this episode offers ways to transform dreaded chores into favorite self care moments.

Show notes:

In this episode I mentioned my Healthier Habits Starter Program. This free 10-day program will help you focus on one small action that you will perform for 10 days to help you adopt the behaviors of a healthier lifestyle. Learn more here: ==> Healthier Habits Starter Program

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Ep051: Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in My Head

Sugar cravings. Do you experience them? Do you feel the energy surge when you eat sugar, and the energy crash when you don’t? In this episode, I share some tips on how to handle those sugary cravings when they strike.

I also penned a special holiday poem for the intro story. 🙂

Show Notes:

I have been going LIVE (Yikes!) on my Facebook page with tips for successfully navigating the holiday season.

How to stay healthier thru the holiday

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Donna Doyon

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Ep049: Making Adjustments for the Holidays

The holiday season throws most of us off kilter. Typical routine activities are suddenly fraught with glitches. Our once quiet and relaxing weekends are stuffed with activities that require more energy than we possess. Instead of wishing the holidays were over, learn how to make adjustments for this special time of the year.

What are some things you do to make the holidays less stressful, and more meaningful? Share your thoughts in the comments.