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Donna Doyon - Finding My Way - Positive Affirmations

Ep114: What’s the Focus of Your Daily Affirmations?

Every day, throughout the day, you make statements to and about yourself.

Are these statements serving your growth and well being or are they keeping you in a state of negative reality?

Learn how changing your words, can change your outcome.

Now if your first thought is, “Daily affirmations are stupid. I don’t believe they can change anything about my life.”

I invite you to consider “what if…”

Remember the mindset work we’ve been doing?

A fixed mindset says “Nothing can or will change.” And if you are satisfied with your life as it is, you’re right, you don’t need to change anything.


If you are not satisfied… a growth mindset invites you to become curious. To play. To experiment.

So ask yourself, “What if writing out positive daily affirmations actually works? What if by changing what I am thinking, I can change how I am feeling? What if by changing how I am feeling, I can change what I am doing? What if by changing what I am doing, I can change the direction of my life?”

That WHAT IF question is powerful!

Are you willing to give it a try? Even if you feel silly, out of your element, or even stupid for doing it?

A growth mindset says, “Sure. I’ll give it a try. You can’t win the lottery if you never buy a ticket.”

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Week 1: Funemployed & Loving It

Dear Diary,

Well, it has been a mostly productive first week as a funemployed entrepreneur. Here’s how things aligned against my plan:

  • Monday – I done did good! I stayed focused on my business planning plan. I also finished up the podcast episode during one of my “mind breaks.” The bathroom is still waiting to be cleaned. 🙁
  • Tuesday – The theme was to be out of my comfort zone. Mission accomplished! I attended a networking event, met with my new accountant, and experienced an intuitive reading. I also enjoyed a 7-mile run!
  • Wednesday – Family social day! I drove to Massachusetts to spend time with my aunt and cousins. Besides being amazing people, they gave me the idea for next week’s podcast episode.
  • Thursday – Spent the morning recording next week’s podcast episode and got most of the editing done on it. Did some prep work for next week’s meeting with the accountant. Enjoyed another 7-mile run (I’m training for a half marathon). Spent the afternoon working on my soon-to-be-announced 1:1 intensive program.
  • Friday – Finished editing next week’s podcast episode and did the other post-production work on it. Took a break to meet a former co-worker for breakfast. Now it is time to focus on more accounting prep-work and then more 1:1 intensive program work.

Overall, I am happy with what I’ve accomplished this week!


The Greatest Adventure of All

Happy Monday!

Today is my first day as being a funemployed, entrepreneur! I am taking full advantage of my powerful theme for the year: Big. Bold. Scary.

But the reality is… with this new phase in my life, I still need to stay focused on just a few key things each week… each day. Probably more so now than ever!

Today I will be using the ENTIRE workday (and I will be defining what a “workday” is to me) to plan out the next 6 months. This plan will serve as my map for the coming adventures.

However, like many of us, I am not quite as prepared for my “Donna’s Day of Planning” as I would like. I have other things to accomplish/finish today too. But my promise to myself is to allow 8 FULL hours to work on my plan.

My three focus items for TODAY are:

1. Create a business plan for the next 6 months (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with an hour for lunch and mind-breaks in-between)
2. Finish post-production for the podcast episode for tomorrow.
3. Clean the bathrooms (which should have been done yesterday)

Note: The podcast episode and cleaning will NOT be accomplished between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

I need to set my limits/practices/business habits NOW. TODAY. So I don’t fall into bad habits and self-sabotage my future.

What are your plans for today?

What 3 things will you be focusing on this week?

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