Learn New Skills to Achieve Your Dreams

When I decided to host a weekly self-development podcast, I had no idea how many new skills I needed to learn!

I had a fuzzy idea of what the finished product would be, and I thought I could learn new skills as I went along. But oh my goodness, I was clueless about how much I needed to learn to do this!

To get started, I read blog entries and watched podcasting tutorials. I purchased a microphone and downloaded the Audacity recording/editing software to Earl’s computer.  I watched more video tutorials on how to use that software.

I pressed record, stop, play, delete more times than I can remember. I finally got to the point where I could listen to my own voice without cringing. I finally started relaxing when I put my mouth close to the microphone. I finally started recording what would become my first few episodes.

Post-production editing was another skill I needed to develop. A 38-minute recording full of botched sentences, rambling thoughts, and other bloopers was eventually cut down to around 20-minutes. Aren’t you glad I saved you those 18 minutes of time?

If you’ve listened to one of my podcast episodes, you may have noticed I have music playing during the opening and closing segments. Pretty cool, huh? Yupper! Another new skill I learned!

Okay, I think you get the idea. I had to learn A LOT to make this podcast project a reality. But you know what? It’s been a blast learning these new skills! Yes, I’ve experienced MANY moments of frustration, but overall, learning how to create a podcast episode has been a lot of fun.

In his book, Novice to Expert: 6 Steps to Learn Anything, Increase Your Knowledge, and Master New Skills, S.J. Scott calls what I did “Just in Time Learning.” It is a method of learning that helps to prevent those feelings of overwhelm and discouragement. You focus on the next step in your plan, learn it, then move on to the next skill you need to learn.

If you are letting what you don’t know keep you from achieving your goals, I want to encourage you to take that first step to learn a new skill. The information is out there. It’s just waiting for you to do a Google or YouTube search about it. I would bet that most of what you want to learn can even be learned for free.

Let me ask you this… and I mean no disrespect in asking it… are you comfortable learning new skills? Do you know how to learn?

If the thought of learning new skills is a bit overwhelming to you, I encourage you to read Novice to Expert: 6 Steps to Learn Anything, Increase Your Knowledge, and Master New Skills by S.J. Scott. (FYI… I purchased this ebook with my own money and will not receive any compensation should you choose to purchase it.)

One of the things I like most about this book, is that SJ Scott shares information and insight into the many different learning styles and offers guidance on how to take advantage of your own learning style. 

If you struggled in school, it may be because the teaching method being used didn’t match your learning style. It doesn’t mean you were dumb (even if teachers, siblings, or other people told you you were), it means you are different.

You can learn anything you want or need to learn. You just need to find the best way to approach it.

If you want to learn a new skill–crocheting, a foreign language, backwoods camping, plumbing, or whatever–make it a goal. Make it your mission to learn that skill.

If I can learn how to produce a podcast, you can learn what you need to make your dreams come true, too.

Breaking bad habits

I go through occasional bouts of crazy subscribing to various self-help and business development e-mail lists. Before I know it, my e-mail inbox is flooded with information on things I could be doing to improve any aspect of my life. I start to feel overwhelmed and end up deleting the e-mails and unsubscribing from the lists.

Most of these lists are designed to get people to buy a product or service. They are a valid business model, and they work. I have purchased many e-courses and books that have helped me over the years.

Bad Habits No More by SJ Scott

Bad Habits No More by SJ Scott

Today I was glancing through my e-mail inbox and came upon an e-mail from Steve “SJ” Scott with the subject line “25 Steps to Break a Habit [Free Book].” I read the e-mail and clicked the link to Amazon. I read the sample and downloaded the book.

I can’t vouch for the quality of the tips at this point. It may take me a few days to remember that I downloaded this book. But the hope is strong that this may provide helpful information that I can use to break my own bad habits. It may also provide information I can share with you at some point.

But for now, I wanted to let you know it was available. You decide if you think it will be of value to you. And if you do download it (and read it before I do), please share your thoughts about this book in the comments section below.

P.S. I saw this book and thought it might be beneficial to myself and you. I receive no payment or referral fees if you should purchase additional items from this author or Amazon.