Ep048: All or Nothing? How About Something In-Between?

Too often people wait for conditions to be perfect before they take action.

They say things like, “I wanted to go on a bike ride this weekend, but it’s supposed to rain,” or “When Sally finishes her big work project, we’ll try to get the gang together,” or “I’d love to work on craft projects, but I just don’t have the space to leave things set up.”

In this week’s episode, I challenge listeners to remove “but” and “when” from their thought process when making plans to enjoy their favorite activities or relationships.

Show Notes:

Sheri’s journey and paintings can be seen on her Facebook page “Sheri’s Art.” 

She is also in the process of developing a website at www.sheridoyon.com. Full disclosure… Sheri is my sister-in-law (technically, my former sis-in-law), but more importantly… she’s my friend!

Portland Headlight by Sheri Doyon

“Portland Headlight” by Sheri Doyon

White Winter by Sheri Doyon

“White Winter” by Sheri Doyon

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Ep047: When Motivation is Lacking

No motivation to act

Too many times I hear people talk about things they want to accomplish (eating healthier, exercising regularly, journaling daily, paying off debt, etc.) but they are waiting for that burst of motivation to propel them forward.

In this week’s episode, I talk about motivation, why we need to break free of that mindset trap, and how to move forward even when motivation is lacking.

If you would like to improve one or more aspects of your health (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, or relationships), but are waiting to feel a strong pull of motivation, I encourage you — No. I challenge you! — to participate in my FREE 10-day Healthier Habits Starter Program.

You CAN start living a healthier life today! BUT, you have to stop thinking about it, and start doing it.

Show notes:

Download your free handout – Tips for When Motivation is Lacking

Relevant podcast episode: Ep017: Willpower, Discipline, and Habit

Here are a few links from my “research” on motivation:

The Myth of Motivation by Rubin Khoddam

The Myth of Motivation by Carmen Isais

7 Great Ways to Overcome Loss of Motivation by Shawn Lim

Get Off Your Butt: 16 Ways to Get Motivated When You’re in a Slump by Leo Babauta

Week 1: Funemployed & Loving It

Dear Diary,

Well, it has been a mostly productive first week as a funemployed entrepreneur. Here’s how things aligned against my plan:

  • Monday – I done did good! I stayed focused on my business planning plan. I also finished up the podcast episode during one of my “mind breaks.” The bathroom is still waiting to be cleaned. 🙁
  • Tuesday – The theme was to be out of my comfort zone. Mission accomplished! I attended a networking event, met with my new accountant, and experienced an intuitive reading. I also enjoyed a 7-mile run!
  • Wednesday – Family social day! I drove to Massachusetts to spend time with my aunt and cousins. Besides being amazing people, they gave me the idea for next week’s podcast episode.
  • Thursday – Spent the morning recording next week’s podcast episode and got most of the editing done on it. Did some prep work for next week’s meeting with the accountant. Enjoyed another 7-mile run (I’m training for a half marathon). Spent the afternoon working on my soon-to-be-announced 1:1 intensive program.
  • Friday – Finished editing next week’s podcast episode and did the other post-production work on it. Took a break to meet a former co-worker for breakfast. Now it is time to focus on more accounting prep-work and then more 1:1 intensive program work.

Overall, I am happy with what I’ve accomplished this week!


Ep046: One Solution to Dealing with Toxic Environments

Have you experienced the stress and struggle of living or working in a toxic environment? It’s tough, isn’t it?

For a variety of reasons you stay in that situation, even when you know it is time to end that personal or professional relationship. Many of us have done it. I’ve done it.

For me, there were two main reasons why I stayed in what I considered a toxic work environment.

The first reason I stayed was people focused: I knew I was serving the needs of my team. I knew I was making the workplace better for them. I knew I was resolving process problems that could impact the quality of our product. And when you make a product that peoples’ lives literally depend upon, that last factor is key.

The second reason I stayed was money focused: I had a goal to pay off my mortgage by October 2018. I was making aggressive extra principle payments. My 15-year mortgage would be paid off in just over 8 years if I stayed on track.

But finally, $15,000 shy of paying off my mortgage, the imaginary toxicity detector I wore to work each day started buzzing more loudly. Soon the noise became too distracting. It was all I could focus on.

In this week’s episode, I share the final warning signs and what I did to silence them.

If you experience a toxic environment in your personal or professional life, please listen to the flashing warning lights or shrill-sounding alarms. Your health and your happiness depend upon you recognizing these situations and relationships AND reducing your exposure to them. Today may be the day that you can start the process to free yourself from that poisonous situation.

This is your life to live. Make it a healthy and happy one!

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Ep045: Update Your Sub-conscious Software

Just like our favorite technology gadgets, our brains are pre-programmed with coding that affects how we operate. Some of our coding is poorly written. It’s out-dated and doesn’t serve our needs or our desires.

What that means is that we may need to update our software!

This week’s episode was inspired by an interview with Julie Ann Cairns, author of The Abundance Code: How to Bust the 7 Money Myths for a Rich Life Now. In it, I share thoughts on updating our sub-conscious programming so that we can stop sabotaging our efforts for success. I also talk about limiting beliefs and where they may come from.

Be aware, though, that what I spoke about may NOT reflect what Julie Ann Cairns covers in her book. I only started reading it the evening before I recorded this episode, so most of the thoughts are mine. Hopefully they are not too far off from what she has to share. 🙂

Today I also introduce a new “After the Show” video offer to Patreon supporters of this podcast.

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