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Donna Doyon - Lessons from a Cat in a Box - c

Ep127: Lessons from a Cat in a Box

  • May 28, 2019

Inspired by my oversize cat, Ocarina, I talk about the boxes we have settled into and question whether they are a good fit for us. Are you ready to find a new box or will you dare to live outside a box?

Donna Doyon - Lessons Learned from a Cat in a Box

That just doesn't look comfortable, but Ocarina doesn't seem to mind it.

Donna Doyon - Lessons Learned from a Cat in a Box

The one leg out position always cracks me up. 

No, Ocarina, you do not fit in that box. 

Donna Doyon - Lessons Learned from a Cat in a Box

After I recorded the episode I went downstairs for a break. I noticed the play string Ocarina had left on the stairs. 

She is ALWAYS leaving toys on the stairs. If I trip, fall,  and die, you will know whose fault it is.

And when I went back upstairs, I noticed Ocarina was positioned so she could look at the play string.

Funny that I talked about this very situation in the episode.

I talked about a scene in the movie The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey and Ed Harris.

Here's a link to the clip: The Truman Show Ending Scene

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