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I am a work in progress…

Hiking Donna - healthy lifestyle

In November 2017, I quit a stressful, stress-filled job as a production supervisor of a life-safety product. The processes I put in place to manufacture this product, and the decisions I made impacted the safety of our customers. It was a job I took seriously (who wouldn’t?).

The job itself was the stressful part.

There were other contributing factors that made the job stress-filled.

What did I do?

I made the decision to leave that job, despite the financial consequences of quitting one job without another one to replace it.

The biggest factor that allowed me the option to put my mental and emotional health before my financial health was the state of my finances. With no debt, except my mortgage, my living expenses are fairly low. Because I had aggressively paid extra principle payments on my mortgage, I was able to re-amortize my mortgage loan which effectively cut my mortgage payment in half.

My money habits put me in a position to have choices!

Why would I do that?

Did I mention stress? 🙂

Stress impacts our health in so many ways. I wasn’t sleeping well. I was always thinking about work. I began making critical comments to members of my team. I started dropping the F-bomb. I didn’t like the person I was becoming. I was losing myself.

Two things kept me sane: my relationship with my significant other, Earl and physical activity in the forms of running and hiking.

My social and physical habits kept my stress-levels manageable.

What will I do now?

I faced a choice. I could scramble to try to find another job, any job. As I mentioned, financially, I don’t need to make the same salary that I left behind. I don’t need a job with similar levels of responsibility or stress.

I am going to wait until January 2018 to look for a replacement job.

Until then, I am going to pursue my passion of creating online programs that will challenge women to address their own health needs in the now–not in the future. We’ll do this by focus on taking small steps (small actions) each day and using a common sense approach to outcomes.

In January, if my bank account indicates I need to replenish it, I’ll look for a part-time position–a low stress, low responsibility position. I only need to earn enough to pay my bills and put kibble in the kitty food bowls.

My habits of self-discipline and time management, along with my commitment and determination to succeed in business will play out in the coming months.

I call myself a funemployed entrepreneur!

After spending one week at home, I am sleeping better. I am starting to feel like myself again. I have accomplished so much in just one week:

  • I stepped outside of my comfort zone to do things “good little entrepreneurs” should do (like network and meet with an accountant).
  • I identified my goals for the next 3 months
  • I created a plan to achieve those goals
  • I outlined a new training program
  • I completed two 7-mile training runs for an upcoming half marathon
  • I spent one wonderful day with an elderly aunt and two cousins
  • I stopped working at 5:30 p.m. when Earl got home from work

I am developing new work-at-home habits to ensure I don’t let this business venture become all consuming at the price of my relationships or physical health.

I am a work in progress, who has made a lot of progress!

I depend upon established habits to keep me focused on the things that matter most to me. I modify and add habits as needed to keep me moving forward toward ALL of my goals!

My habits have always helped me achieve my goals. Here are a bunch that come to mind:

  • Independently produce a weekly podcast
  • Independently produce online training programs
  • Designed and developed this website and various training programs
  • Wrote and self-published two books
  • Completed a Master of Arts Degree in Distance Learning (adult education)
  • Completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management
  • Completed an Associate of Science degree in Communications Technology
  • Earned the Toastmasters International Distinguished Toastmaster designation
  • Completed a Project Management certificate program
  • Completed various Six Sigma certifications

My professional skills include the following:

  • Supervised a production team manufacturing a life safety product
  • Managed the production process for a life safety product
  • Created and delivered communication/interpersonal training programs for various organizations
  • Served as a Technical Sergeant in the United States Air Force/Maine Air National Guard


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