About Donna Doyon

About Me

Once upon a time... ugly duckling
I am a storyteller! 

I love reading stories, I love writing stories, I love telling stories.

Stories are an ancient form of communication. Stories relay information. Stories stir our emotions. Stories bring about necessary changes in our world.

Some people love facts and figures.

But what are facts and figures?

They are the compilation of information collected thru stories!

I’m Donna Doyon.

At one time, I identified as a “recovering” ugly duckling. 

What did you feel when you read those words? Recovering ugly duckling.

Did you immediately think of the Hans Christian Andersen story of The Ugly Duckling? Did you picture in your mind, a fluff-ball of feathers who didn’t look or sound like the cute little ducks on the pond? Did you smile when that ugly duckling finally discovered its truth? That it was not a duck, at all. It was, in fact, a beautiful swan.

The Ugly Duckling was first published in 1842. This story has impacted people’s lives for more than 175 years. That’s the power of storytelling.

Although time will tell if any of my stories have the impact of Hans Christian Andersen’s stories, I do hope that they inspire, encourage, and entertain my audience in the way that his have.

Fortunately, modern technology allows me to share my stories in many different formats:

  • The written word
  • An audio podcast (originally titled “Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling” but now more appropriately titled “Finding My Way”)
  • Video

My stories are my way to help you create your own “happily ever after.”

Donna Doyon





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