A Goal Tracking Logsheet

One of the secrets to successful goal achieving is tracking your progress. Always being aware  of what you plan to do and how you are doing following that plan, helps you stay focused on your goal.

Many years ago (and I mean many years ago), I created a tracking form called the DIDI Form.

DIDI stood for “Did I Do It?” — clever, eh?

I handed out copies of this form when I taught goal setting classes or workshops. The feedback I received from participants was wonderful.

People liked being able to put this form on their refrigerator or bedroom mirror. They liked the easy visibility and consistent reminder the form provided.

Yes, that was before the digital era when people still left themselves notes on the refrigerator.

Anyway… I scoured the files on my old Windows XP laptop, but couldn’t find it. I thought this DIDI form was gone forever.

I thought about trying to recreate it, but everything seems to be tracked electronically now. People want a cool app they can open on their smartphone, not a piece of paper they need to print out and *gasp* use an actual pen to write on it.

And then one day…


If you’ve been listening to my podcast, Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling, or read some recent blog posts, you know that de-cluttering my home has been one of my focuses in recent weeks.

During one of my clutter-busting sprees, I sorted thru three file boxes filled with loose papers, and notebook binders filled with papers.

In one of those binders I found a copy of my precious DIDI form!

As I looked at it with the much older eyes–but we’ll call them the “eyes of wisdom”–I thought it looked a bit overwhelming and a bit busy.

So I spent a couple of hours reworking and transforming the concepts of that DIDI Form into an updated version.


I don’t know if people nowadays will use such a tracking form, but I printed out a copy for myself. It’s hanging on my refrigerator with my four focuses for the month. Let’s see if this gentle, visual reminder helps me stay on track with my goals this month.

Of course, it will help if I can remember where I keep a pen!

If you’d like to try old-school goal tracking, you can download your copy of the DIDI Form here.

Give tracking your goals a try. See if it helps you to stay focused on on task.

Let me know what you think in the comments box.


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