Ep021: The 5-Day “Reclaim Your Time” Challenge

Time management. There are books written on the topic; classes taught on the topic. It is something most of us want to become better at, but yet we don’t have the time or take the time to figure out a better way to do things.

In today’s episode I am introducing a new audio challenge program that will soon be released (hopefully it will be available upon publication of this episode) to help you reclaim some wasted time in your day. The goal is to free up 30 to 60 minutes each day so you will have time to consistently pursue activities to improve your health, relationships, or overall sense of satisfaction with your life.

The time to reclaim your time is now!

Show notes:

If you would like to participate in TheĀ 5-Day “Reclaim Your Time” Challenge, please fill in the boxes below. The course is ready–I think. I hope! šŸ™‚

You might also benefit from myĀ Start Today and Continue Tomorrow Facebook group. It’s a place for goal-getters to receive support and encouragement when life gets in the way of achieving our greatest dreams. I’d love to have you join us!


Are you afraid to talk to your friends?

Has someone ever said something that hurt your feelings? Did you share your story with a different friend? Perhaps ask for some advice on how to handle the situation?

This happened to me recently and I realized how often I hear the same the types of stories from people.

It makes me wonder why it’s so hard to talk to our friends when they say or do something that hurts us. And that’s the topic for this week’s video.

How do you approach friends who have hurt your feelings by things they’ve said or done? Share your tips and strategies in the comments section below. Your experiences may help improve someone else’s relationships!

Have an amazing day!


Ep020: Quitting is Not an Option (or is it?)

Sometimes I get tired of hearing people say, “Quitting is not an option!”

I get tired of hearing and reading the motivational quotations that urge me to continue traveling on whatever path I’ve taken to whatever destination I thought I wanted to reach.

Sometimes I believe that quitting IS an option. Sometimes I think quitting is the BEST option.

And that’s the topic of this week’s episode of Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling.

If you’d like to have support for a goal or a project you’ve started and stopped in the past, please join my Facebook group Start Today and Continue Tomorrow. We are all about cutting ourselves some slack, staying true to our own agendas, and returning to past goals as we can. I’d love to have you join us.

Doing Big, Bold, Scary Things

I have a confession to make. I hate having my picture taken.

I have lived most of my life in the realm of the invisible so any tangible evidence of my existence is akin to pictures of the Loch Ness Monster or Sasquatch. You want to look under a microscope for evidence of Photoshop magic.

A month or so ago I challenged myself to video record short talks for 5-consecutive days. I did it, and then stopped. Granted I have video recorded some lessons for an online course I am developing on goal setting, but that’s it.

So now, today, I am going to go big. I am going to go bold. I am going to do something so unbelievably scary for me.

I’m going to start doing video posts each and every Thursday. This will replace the written blog posts I’ve been doing since last December.

I hope you enjoy them. Please provide any feedback in the comments below. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… if you want to leave a comment, but you encounter a technology issue that prevents you from doing so, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know so I can fix it.

And yes, I started talking before the video started recording. OOPS! Lesson learned. šŸ™‚

Ep019: Cranky Pants (or how to deal with stressful days)

We all have those days.

We wake up in the morning, we think we are putting on a pair of favorite blue jeans, but we get to work and discover…

“Oh no! I put on my cranky pants today!”


We warn anyone who crosses our path to beware. “Do not poke the bear!” we advise them. But some people like to live dangerously, don’t they. And so yes, they poke the bear.

In today’s episode, my last one recorded as a lovely (sometimes cranky) 53-year-old woman, I talk about dealing with the stressors in life. Some are self-imposed (as was my case this week) and sometimes we allow them to impose upon us.

In either case, we and the people around us, need to deal with the person we become. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

Show Notes:

I talked about some business goals that I had with May 1 deadlines. Here’s the rundown on how I did.

Update website pages. There are live links to the ones I managed to update in time for my birthday.

  • Home page – Done
  • Start Here page – Done
  • Nurture a Dream page – Done
  • Patreon page – Almost done. StillĀ need to add a video. Testing for the site failed, so I have to figure out why my account won’t accept sponsor payments.
  • Video for Patreon page – Not done
  • NAQ/FAQ page – Not done. In progress

Online Training Course – Working on it

  • Finish editing training videos
  • Upload course materialsĀ to Thinkific website (hosting platform for the course)
    • Worksheet for the course
    • Videos for the course
    • Other notes and instructions
  • Test course accessibility
  • Create (then test) sign up page information/technology
  • Create (then test) payment option information/technology

Finalize branding information (colors/fonts/image style) for my business – Working on it

Yikes! That’s a lot of stuff I expected to get done for May 1st!

Here’s a bit of background on these goals. The website and Patreon goals were made on MarchĀ 1st.

Then on March 6th, I enrolled in an online business training course that has been teaching me about developing online training courses. So I have also been working thru that training program and that is where those goals came from. Why did I use May 1st as the deadline? Because May 1st is my birthday and I love accomplishing BIG things on my birthday!

Have you checked in on the status of your goals lately? Are you on track? Are you ahead of schedule or a bit behind? Did you completely lose your focus and stop working on them?

Any answer is your answer. You are accountable only to yourself. But if it helps to be accountable to others (in fact, it helps most people stay on track better), please join my Facebook group Start Today and Continue Tomorrow. We’ll be your accountability partners!