Ep016: Make It Fun!

By nature, I am a serious, focused person. I’ve always said that I don’t know how to play.

I never enjoyed playing as a kid, I found it challenging to play with my own children. Playing is not something that comes naturally to me–it is not easy for me.

Some people are known for being fun and fun-loving. In many ways I envy them. But in some ways, I *gasp* judge them. I know, that’s a horrible to thing to say, but if I see someone having “fun” at someone else’s expense, or in what I perceive to be an irresponsible way, I–well, I judge.

Judging other peoples’ behavior, is of course, not a good character trait. Believe me, I know this. I also know that by admitting it, I am one step closing to overcoming it. So I decided to take a little time to explore and reflect upon the topic of “fun.” I thought that if I knew how to have fun, I might have a better respect and appreciation for the way other people participate in fun activities.

Let me tell you, today’s episode on “fun” was one of the most difficult episodes I’ve recorded! In so many ways the concept of “play” and “fun” is foreign to me. Bear with me though, I learned some cool stuff in this episode!

Show notes:

The video I discovered that inspired me to record this podcast episode.

And as promised, for those of you who would also like to learn Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance, here’s a link to the first video tutorial in the series. Yes, I did start learning the moves!

It’s–what’s the word?


I hope that you spend some time today, and everyday, experiencing a little bit of fun, laughter, and joy.

Use the comments box to let me know you what you think about this episode and please share your thoughts on “fun.”

Part 1: Use a Vision Board to Attract Your Future

A “vision board” can be a powerful and creative way to harness your thoughts and dreams into a tangible form.

Vision boards come in all shapes and sizes and formats.

Some people use rigid poster board and have a blast cutting out pictures and words from magazines to create a visual model of the things that they want to see or do or accomplish.

Other people will use artist’s books with thicker paper to allow them to use glue, thick magic markers, and ribbons and bows to adorn their dream pages.

And still others use electronic formats to create their vision boards.

It doesn’t matter the form you use, it doesn’t matter how neat your print or handwriting is. It doesn’t matter if the pictures overlap each other in a chaotic harmony or if there is lots of space between each clip.

There is no “wrong” way to create a vision board. 

Do you know why that is? It’s because it is YOUR vision board. It is YOUR way to invite the universe to take a look at what you are ready to receive.

The one thing that I think is important to consider when creating your vision board is the emotion each picture or piece of text stirs in you.

If there is anything disharmonious (is that a word?), don’t use it. If there is an image or word that appeals to your emotions, use it. It doesn’t matter if the picture itself represents what you want, the universe will understand that it is the emotion you want to experience.

Why are vision boards so powerful? How do they attract your future?

Awareness and focus on what you want in your life will help you attract it.

Be sure to focus on each item as a positive.

Instead of “I want to quit smoking” think “I am a non-smoker.”

Instead of “I want to lose weight” think “I am slender, fit, and eat healthy foods.”

Instead of “I want to leave this lousy job,” think “I have a job I love that doesn’t feel like work.”

Look at each item on your vision board as if you already possess it: the item OR the emotion.

If you’ve never given a vision board a try, have some fun with it. You don’t even have to take it seriously. The universe will still work its magic on you.

But when you DO believe it, you begin to receive those gifts even sooner. Just remember to be gracious enough to accept what the universe offers.

One thing to remember though… the universe has a sense of humor. 

Be specific in what you want. Ask for what you want. Don’t assume the universe will get it exactly right, if you don’t present your desires clearly.

And if that happens? If you don’t get exactly what you wanted? I think it’s okay to say, “Ummm… universe? I think I goofed. Can I send this back and get a credit toward what I really wanted?”

I do hope you’ll take some time to create a vision board.

I mentioned there are different formats you can use. There is one that I did not mention. It is the format that I use.

It’s a mental vision board. I clearly picture in my mind what I want to do or achieve. I see things so clearly and I feel the powerful emotions associated with those desires. And yes, they usually come to be.

A mental vision board works for me because of my very nature. I’m creative, but not artistic in a way that I would want to be for a vision board. I would be distracted by pictures with wrinkles or handwriting that was less than perfect.

As a child I used to love flipping thru the pages in the Sears Christmas Wishbook. They sold anything a child could want. Your vision board serves the same purpose. It allows you to pick and choose the things you want in your life.

Make a wish, my friend. But don’t keep it a secret. Share it with the universe. 

Tell me about your experiences with a vision board in the comments section.

In Part 2, I’ll be sharing 5 Reasons to Create a Vision Board.

In Part 3, I’ll give you some ideas on how to get started creating your own vision board.

In Part 4, I’ll tell you what is missing from the vision boards of so many people.

Ep015: Do You Focus on Important or Not Important Activities?

“What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” ~ Dwight D Eisenhower

Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? Do you wonder why your friends or co-workers can get so much accomplished, and you can’t seem to get anything done?

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with all that you have do on a daily basis. It can be hard to feel like you have any choice but to keep toiling away like you do every single day.

But you do have a choice. You do have the power to make the changes needed to become more productive.

Matrix showing Important vs Urgent Quandrants

When you are ready to start making changes in your life so you can spend time and energy working toward your goals, use this matrix to help you determine where you are currently spending your time and energy.

It is within your power to change your results by changing your focus. Strive to live in Quadrant 2.

It is where happily ever after lives.

In which quadrant do you spend most of your time? Are you ready to move into a more productive one? Share you thoughts in the comments box below.