Part 4: What’s Missing from Most Vision Boards

In Part 1, I encouraged you to Use a Vision Board to Attract Your Future. 
In Part 2, I shared 5 Reasons to Create a Vision Board.
In Part 3, I gave you some ideas on how to create your own vision board.

This week I’m going to point out two things that may be missing from your vision board.

Missing item #1: Believe that it is possible

Vision boards are amazing tools to help you see (and create) the present and future you want. However, you must believe that these changes are possible. If you don’t believe in what you want, why should the universe believe you deserve them?

Lucky for you, you can change your mindset about any topic. It takes focus; it takes a willingness to try (and fail and then try again); it may take professional help depending upon your emotional or mental blocks.

Believing that your dreams are possible is one of the keys to achieving them, because if you don’t believe in your dreams, you will be missing item #2.

Missing item #2: Actions to make it possible

Vision boards show what you want and evoke the feelings you want to feel. But vision boards are displays. In order to achieve and receive the items/emotions you want, you will have to do some of the work.

Lucky for you, this type of work seems more like fun!

You can take some form of action for every item on your vision board. Look at it, think about what needs to happen for it to become real. What steps do you need to take?

As an example, if you want to travel the world, get a passport. Who cares if you have no immediate plans to travel. Get the passport. This shows the universe you want to travel. You are committed to traveling!

Start learning a foreign language. Start studying maps and learning about the places you’d like to explore.

Action is one of the keys to achieving your goals.

Funny how as I was writing this, the business name I used when I was a life coach came to mind. My business was called IBB Coaching Concepts. IBB stood for Imagine. Believe. Become.

The three parts to a vision board:

  1. Imagine what you want
  2. Believe it is possible to attract these things
  3. Become the person who will receive these things

What does your vision board look like? Do you believe you can attract those items and emotions into your life? Are you willing to do the work/fun activities to get them?

I’d love to see a picture of your vision board! Share it in the Facebook group Start Today and Continue Tomorrow. We will also help you stay focused on the actions you need to take to achieve/attract all of your dreams!

Ep018: Look Back So You Can Move Forward

How do you know what you are capable of doing if you never look back to see what you were capable of doing?

“I never thought I could do it… but I did… What else can I do?”

In today’s episode, I share a bit of insight from my last weeks as a 53-year-old woman. I talk about the importance of looking back over time to see what you’ve accomplished or what you’ve let slide by without taking action.

Then I encourage–no, I challenge–you to move forward with the bit of insight you’ve gained.

Show Notes:

Ep015: Do You Focus on Important or Not Important Activities – In this episode I talked about the difference between important and urgent and my recommendation for the most productive and healthy frame of reference in which to live.

Ep017: Willpower, Discipline, and Habit – In this episode I talked about the myth of willpower, and the real power of discipline and habit.

Start Today and Continue Tomorrow Facebook group – where you can ask questions or receive support as you move forward to your own “happily ever after.”

Part 3: How to Make Your Own Vision Board

As promised, we are going to continue learning about vision boards. If you missed the first two posts in this series, here are links to what you missed…

Part 1: Use a vision board to attract your future
Part 2: 5 Reasons to create a vision board

Today I’m going to give you some ideas on how to make your own vision board.

Decide what you want your vision board to represent. Focus on the feelings you want to convey as much as the things you want to acquire or achieve.

Gather your supplies. This is one of the most fun parts of creating a vision board. I love love love going to office supply stores or departments. I love trying different types of pens and colored pencils. I love looking at stickers and decorative paper. I love scissors that cut paper in patterns instead of straight lines. Don’t forget glue or double-sided tape.

You’ll also need a base for your vision board (or book). Thick poster board, a cork board or a foam display board are great for vision boards. Some people get more elaborate and use a piece of particle board padded with quilt batting and fabric. You may also choose to make a vision book. An artist’s sketch book or pad.

Select your images. For pictures, you can gather magazines or brochures. You can print pictures off the Internet. Look for pictures that represent the things you want, the lifestyle you want to live, the emotions you want to enjoy. Pick powerful images that resonate with you, that speak to your soul.

Crop the images as needed to best suit your desires. Use decorative scissors to create unique shapes. Use solid or decorative colored papers as a backdrop or frame for your images.

Select your words. Capture powerful thoughts and affirmations thru motivational quotations. Choose adjectives that are meaningful to you–ones that express your desires. Choose verbs that propel you to take action.

You can piece-meal quotations with letters/words cut from magazines (like a ransom note) or you can handwrite them on a piece of decorative paper. You can type them into a document using a creative font and print it out.

Start creating magic by putting images and words together. Place them on the poster board or on the page of your book and move them around until they are pleasing to your eye–and your spirit. If something doesn’t seem to fit, move it. If it doesn’t fit, replace it with something else.

Secure these pieces to the board or page. Use tape, glue or pins to secure each piece of your vision board in place.

Place your completed vision board in a prominent location. Your vision board should be positioned someplace where you can see it and enjoy it often.

Your vision board should make you smile on the toughest day. Your vision board should make you take a deep breath, sigh, and relax with the thought of that future.

Your vision board is a creative and powerful tool in helping you experience the future you want.

Next week I’ll cover the pieces that many people miss when using a vision board.

Ep017: Willpower, Discipline and Habit

When you want to make changes in your life, what strategy do you use? Do you count on willpower to aid you in making lasting changes? Do you follow a strict code of discipline? Or to you build new habits into your routine?

In this week’s episode, I share thoughts on all three and which is the most effective for long term, sustainable changes.

Show Notes:

In the show I mentioned that one of our cats was trying to get into the room. As promised, here is a picture of her reaching under the door to let me know she wanted to come in.

Ocarina's paw showing under the door

Ocarina’s paw showing under the door


Ocarina the cat

This is the rest of Ocarina

Mocha the cat

Our other cat, Mocha

I’m not sure if cats process the concepts of willpower or discipline (can you imagine a cat thinking, “I will NOT jump on the counter today. I will NOT jump on the counter today!”) but they do have habits. “Hmmm… is it nap time? Yup! It’s naptime!” or my favorite… when a human walks into the room, they run to their food bowls hoping to get some treats.

Share your thoughts on the differences between willpower, discipline, and habits in our Facebook group or the comments below.


Part 2: 5 Reasons to Create a Vision Board

This is the second entry in a four-part series on vision boards. This week I’m going to share five reasons to create a vision board.

If you missed last week’s post on what a vision board is, here’s a link that will take you right to it.

Now let’s get right to the reasons to create a vision board:

Reason #1: Visualization is a powerful mind exercise that invites you to open your mind to possibilities. When you can see the things you want to be, do, or have, you allow yourself to start to believe that they CAN occur, that they WILL occur.

Athletes have used visualization techniques for decades. When watching interviews with athletes, it isn’t uncommon to hear them mention “seeing the play in their mind,” or “seeing themselves using proper form,” or “I just saw myself making the shot.” They have learned to use their mind to aid their body’s performance. Pretty cool, stuff.

Reason #2: A vision board allows you to use the power of your emotions.

Each item you tack onto your vision board should stir strong feelings within you. Feelings are powerful tools that will help you take action.

For instance, if you look at a picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and your heart longs to go there, to see it in person, you will be more willing to take the steps necessary to make that dream a reality. First, you might start researching the city of Paris, you might start looking at how much airplane tickets would cost. You might start looking at lodging costs. You might start learning French. You might get your passport. There are so many things you could start doing to make your future trip to Paris and the Eiffel Tower a reality. Emotions can propel you to take action.

Reason #3: A vision board will also help you identify goals that are not your own. Frequently we get caught up in the dreams that other people have and we think they are our dreams. For instance, I have wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT) since I was a teenager. Earl now wants to hike the Appalachian Trail. Does he REALLY want to hike the trail or does he want to hike it because I do?

If he were to create a vision board and put a trail map of the AT on his board, the emotion he experiences when looking at his vision board will clue him in to whether that is his vision or not. If his eyes pass over the map quickly, that indicates disinterest. If he experiences no emotions, that indicates disinterest. If you put something on your vision board that does not stir strong emotions, determine if it is your own dream or if it belongs to someone else.

It’s okay to embark on adventures and accomplish things in life that are the desires of the people we love. But we don’t have to pretend they are OUR dreams and desires, too.

Reason #4: A vision board serves as a daily reminder of your dreams. 

Day-to-day life distracts us from taking action on less immediate needs. It can be easy to forget that you want to accomplish something or travel some place amazing or create something beautiful. A vision board will keep your dreams front and center so when you have the time or resources to apply to them, you will. When you talk with people about the things you want, you won’t have to strain your brain to try to come up with something. You’ll have a smorgasbord of ideas to choose from!

Reason #5: A vision board invites the universe to grant you your wishes.

The Law of Attraction is a concept that suggests that our thoughts determine our experiences and results. Our thoughts and emotions are energy that we send out into the world. If we send out thoughts of happiness, abundance, and success, that is what will be reflected back to us. If our energy vibrations are full of negativity, doubt, or fear, that is also what will be reflected back to us.

Creating a vision board, one on which you focus your thoughts and emotions in a positive manner, will invite the universe to reflect those emotions and desires back to you. It’s the old “what you give is what you get” philosophy.

To sum it up, vision boards are a fun and creative outlet that will help you stay focused on the things you want most in life.

They can serve as a guide and motivator to take action toward achieving your goals. They encourage you to think big and dream bigger. They remind you, every day, that you are worth all of the best things that life can offer you.

In Part 1, I encouraged you to Use a Vision Board to Attract Your Future. If you’ve never had one or thought of using one, you won’t want to miss that post!

In Part 3, I’ll give you some ideas on how to get started creating your own vision board.

In Part 4, I’ll tell you what is missing from the vision boards of so many people.