It's time to move on...

Donna Doyon in front of her cargo trailer

For 20 years I've enjoyed creating and sharing my life's journey and insights via this website. 

It's been a great adventure!

But I'm ready to move in a different, as yet unknown direction. And I've come to realize that holding on to this website is no longer serving my higher purpose.

And so...

I'm breaking ties with it. 

In November 2024, my web hosting contract expires and this site will disappear.

I don't know where my path will take me, but this decision feels right.

I don't know what my next venture will be, but I do know my main focus is on enjoying this human experience.

I don't know how I will serve others, but I do know that whatever I do, it will be enough. 

I leave you with this final piece of wisdom... When you let go of what doesn't serve you, you make room for what will.

Have an amazing day.