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I'm Donna Doyon

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I walk with people who are ready to identify and disrupt the patterns of sameness that keep them trapped in their current roles and responsibilities, so they can embark upon their heart's Whatever Venture.℠

Ep143: Are You Helping or Hindering Progress
Sometimes, with the best of intentions, we actually slow down other people's progress. Sometimes we are so focused on helping[...]
Ep142: When Your Best Attempt is Abysmal
Sometimes I don't attempt a project because I don't think I can achieve the result I envision. This week I[...]
Ep141: Set a Goal & Let It Happen
Becoming emotionally attached to a goal can work against your advancement towards that goal. Releasing that attachment allows you to[...]

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A unique opportunity if you feel like you are called to do “more,” but don’t feel ready on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level to do "more."

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