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I'm Donna.

Donna Doyon at Mizpah Hut

I encourage women age 50+ to self-develop their physical health, mental strength, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening, so that each day feels like the amazing experience it should be!

I am coming out of a 7-month hiatus in which I took time to slow down and reflect on what I've accomplished and whether I want to continue in the same direction or take a new path. 

What I discovered is that I'm ready to move on from preaching the traditional approach to self-development (journaling, reading books, coaching, etc.) and delve into the spiritual and divinely guided practice of self-discovery, understanding, and acceptance. 

Things you can do to SELF-DEVELOP

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It's filled with free resources that I've created over the past two decades to help women discover and define their passions and talents, and overcome their doubts and fears.

Currently, most are focused on health and wellness topics, because that's where my energy/focus has been spent these past few years. 

Additional free resources on other self-development topics will be added soon.

Read, download, and print off the topics that interest/appeal to you. Ignore the rest. :-)

Listen to my podcast

It began in January 2017 as Reflections of a Recovery Ugly Duckling. It changed titles a few times and ended in April 2020 as Finding My Way.

Each episode was created to invite, encourage, and challenge you to self-develop the aspects of your life that left  you feeling disconnected, disheartened, and defeated. Topics included habit awareness, personal boundaries, self-responsibility, and more. 

Download episodes on your favorite podcast app to listen to while you walk, drive, or clean your house.

Reflections of a Recovering Ugly Duckling - a podcast with Donna Doyon

Donna Doyon - Finding My Way podcast

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Donna Doyon - Guided by the Cards

Would you like a bit of a breather from the world right now? Would you like a fresh perspective to help you restore your balance (and sanity)?

Whether it is the overall uncertainty of the times, or something specific happening in your life, tuning in to a message from the Universe can help restore a sense of calm, purpose, or determination. 

Self-develop your mind, body, and spirit in just 5-minutes a day. Start with an activity that feels like it will restore balance to your life and is aligned with your true nature.

Donna Doyon - Healthier Habits Starter Program

If you found your way here, you may be ready to start or may be in the midst of your own transition period. 

My Healthier Habits Starter Program mini-guide will help you remember simple activities you can do to reduce your stress and increase your joyfulness--in just 5-minutes a day!

Bonus: You may qualify for a free 1:1 oracle card reading with me. 

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