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I'm Donna Doyon

Donna Doyon at Mizpah Hut

I help people restore harmony to mind, body, and spirit, by helping them drop the mental baggage that manifests as physical weight. As a bonus, they lose the physical weight, too!


Two inspiration-filled podcasts

  • A Mindful Approach

    to Weight Loss

    (All episodes) 

Brain science, self-development concepts & Woo

It's about taking a non-traditional approach to weight loss. One that focuses on quality of  life, instead of quantity of calories.

The focus is on ditching heavy expectations and allowing yourself to enjoy the journey of losing weight and becoming a healthier individual.

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Donna Doyon - A Mindful Approach to Weight Loss

Work with Me

1:1 or Group Coaching

Donna Doyon - Guided by the Cards

If your weight (or perception of your weight) is keeping you from pursuing your heart’s calling AND your everyday commitments make scheduling appointments difficult, these coaching packages are uniquely suited to you.​

These are asynchronous coaching sessions conducted using the Marco Polo* app and email.

​Virtual sessions only.

*Clients are responsible for installing the Marco Polo app on their mobile device. Clients are responsible for paying any data fees incurred for using this app.

Self-study course

Go from feeling powerless to powerful as you take control of the daily habits that define your life.

This self-study program will help you identify and disrupt the patterns of sameness that lock you into your current circumstances.

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